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How Executives Can Leverage AI’s Full Potential?

Other equipment will also be needed by your team.

To survive in a world of robots, the senior executives of major companies must retrain and upgrade their employees while promoting their inherent learning abilities. Indeed, the absence of such adaptability culture with its support for lifelong learning would mean that artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies are likely to remain largely useless. Alter hiring and training procedures to turn around AI literacy levels among your staffs as well as encourage participation in AI & automation discussions. Trading firms mandated to use bitcoin evolution like artificial intelligence tools should understand this cryptocurrency exchange software powered by AI fully before deploying it.

5. Assess Your Business’ “AI Maturity”

“AI maturity” is a measure of whether an organization is ready for implementing AI systems on four fronts or not.

Is there a unified Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision at corporate level?

How open is our organizational culture to risk-taking and fast experimentation/iteration that are necessary for AI?

Where do we stand now in terms of connectivity, content quality or customer experience for data-driven decision-making?

Thereafter, one organization has overreached itself before failing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) whereas another knows where to start at this difference grows larger between them depending upon enterprise’s knowledge about its own AI maturity. Several business initiatives have gone astray simply because they were not mature enough regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), causing inappropriate data storage, segregated wisdom leading into low profits.


However, any CEO who heads a program within his/her company on artificial intelligence must get other senior executives on board so that there is agreement on what constitutes an effective ai system. Chief executive officers (CEOs) must be clear about their position on AI adoption; establish proper boundaries; review frequently the purpose of the system; assess individuals responsible for building, operating and using it; and check the system’s reliability against making human decisions.

A good AI strategy ought to grapple with tough ethical issues and formulate a set of foundational norms. In the firm, the executive officers’ AI strategy will outline how privacy, discrimination, diversity and ethics are understood in relation to AI.


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