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High Limit Credit Cards for 650 Credit Score

Credit card is becoming a necessity for many major life purchases and activities. This is because, we all know the fact that the cost of housing, education, healthcare and other major essentials are increasing day by day.

Hence, this makes it quite difficult for many people to complete all of their desires without borrowing money. This is where individuals are looking to keep credit card as it comes with the facility to spend first and pay later.

There is a desired limit offered to individuals within which they can spend an amount. But to make this happen you need to have a good credit score.

Good credit makes everything simple

A high credit score can help individuals reach different financial services easily and at any time they want to. This is the major reason why individuals should keep in mind about maintaining it. However, if you do not look so and continuously fall into debt then your credit score goes down.

This way when you are looking for some financial services you won’t be able to reach them. One of the top services one’s among different is to obtain a credit card. Yes, if you have a low or poor credit score then you will not be able to complete your wish to carry a credit card.

In turn, individuals remain deprived of credit card benefits and yet saving. Therefore, it is necessary to determine a good credit score. But here you do not have to be worried about it. That means if you have a fair or low credit then there are high-limit credit cards for a 650-credit score.

Yes, you can take advantage of high-limit credit despite you do not have a credit score ranging from 750-900. But what all those cards are and how can you get them? We are mentioning everything here to let you solve your problem of keeping a credit card.

Top high limit credit cards for 650 credit score

When it comes to buying credit cards, individuals first have to encounter their credit score. We are mentioning the term again and again because this is what can help you to become eligible.

If you do not have a desired score, you can leave your thought of obtaining a good credit card. Now in this way, most of the people were deprived of the services and financial institutions were also in loss.

This way, methods are taken out through which individuals even with fair to low credit scores can take advantage of using the card. Not only this, but they can obtain the high-limit card as well.

But remember not all banks or financial institution offers services, but there are few. In that case, let us help you determine the high-limit credit cards for a 650-credit score.

1. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Credit Card seems to be one of the good choices for individuals with low or fair credit scores. This means if you are falling below 650 or more then look to adopt this credit card. This gives you the complete features to explore and by giving you the flexibility of saving money at the same time.

  • There is no annual fee for Capital One Platinum Credit Card. It gets approved in minutes and has been one of the top choices for people.
  • A credit score of 600-650 is not a problem for Capital One Platinum Credit Card.
  • Gives its customers the flexibility to increase their credit score upon using it for a longer time.
  • The card has fraud protection and cardholders will not be responsible for any unwanted charges.
  • Help to monitor credit score with CreditWise from Capital One.
  • Easily get access to the account 24×7 either with online banking with a smartphone or also with a desktop.

2. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Among the list of high-limit credit cards for a 650-credit score, we cannot leave behind the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. Upon research, we found that it is yet another choice that an individual has made due to its extensive benefits.

  • Deliver rewards point of 1.5% on every purchase that can benefit cardholders in savings. In addition, you can easily convert your rewards points to the cashback anytime you want to. They do not expire.
  • The limit you will get in starting will also be increased (after you use the card for 6 months).
  • Enjoy $0 fraud liability.
  • Get up to 6 months of complimentary Uber One membership statement.
  • Comes with annual charges $39. But this fee can be recovered upon using the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card.

3. Fortiva® Mastercard® Credit Card

The one credit card offers flexibility for customers to get its advantages with a 650 credit score.  You will also receive a free credit score to help keep track of credit-building progress as well. Yet it has some of the other advantages to offer its cardholders.

  • Earn up to 3% cash back rewards on gas, groceries and also utility bill payments.
  • Other eligible purchases will let you earn 1% cashback.
  • This MasterCard is accepted widely.
  • Easily free access to Vantage score.
  • The annual fee is $85 and the credit score needed is fair.

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4. Aspire® Cash Back Reward Card

As the name suggest Aspire® Cash Back Reward Card is known to be the sister card Fortiva card. More and more you use this card you can easily earn cashback facilities. Individuals who are looking to get a credit card (but are not able to get it because of low credit scores) then you will be eligible to own one.

  • Aspire® Cash Back Reward Card is the best credit card to get up an easy facility.
  • Earn 3% cashback facility available on utility bill payment, groceries and even gas.
  • On the other hand, earn a 1% cashback facility on other purchases.
  • The credit approval given is $1,000
  • There is no security deposit needs to be given from cardholders.

5. Discover it® Student Cash Back

No matter what your age is owing credit card has become the top necessity. This means if you are young or middle-aged and even adult, each of you can keep a credit card. The main reason it helps to save money on every purchase by giving the reward points.

These reward points are converted into cash that can help cardholders to recover the credit card annual fees. To this, if you are looking for a credit card with a high limit then Discover it® Student Cash Back is the best choice.

  • It gives a welcome bonus and can easily turn up $50 cashback into $100/turn $100 to $200.
  • Get a 5% cashback facility on Amazon/groceries/gas filling/restaurants etc.
  • Plus, there is a facility to earn 1% cashback facility on other purchases.
  • No credit score is required to apply Discover it® Student Cash Back.
  • There is 0% APR on purchases for 6 months. Later on, the standard APR is applied of 18.24-27.24%.

6. DCU Visa® Platinum Credit Card

The type of credit card comes with the flexibility for individuals who want to build their credit score. It comes with the great deals associated with them to make a huge benefit for its customers. It is also issued conveniently and makeup things better even for those who have low or fair credit scores.

  • It comes with an embedded chip within it that helps to protect the information of the customers.
  • The one credit card is also mobile compatible and works easily with Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.
  • There is an optional overdraft facility available.
  • DCU Visa® Platinum Credit Card does not charge an annual fee/balance transfer fee or also cash advance fee.
  • It is determined to be one of the perfect starter cards.

7. Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa®

Another credit card comes with a high limit for individuals with a 650 credit score. This card is issued by WebBank Member FDIC. So, if you are looking to get the best features and strengthen your credit score then the Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card is the best choice you can make.

All you need is to pay your bills on time and undertake its benefits till the time you own the service.

  • There is zero annual fee
  • There is a variable APR range from 25.24%-34.75%.
  • The credit limit offered is $300-$5000
  • Credit limit exceeds after using for 6 months.
  • 2-10% cashback is given to selected merchants.
  • Comes with no foreign transaction.
  • No initial deposit is required.

8. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred is one of the excellent cards available for anyone. Particularly those who have fair credit are also eligible for obtaining Blue Cash Preferred card. It comes with all of the features that individuals look for and in turn, get the best rewards facilities.

  • The introduction annual fee is Zero but in the second year $95.
  • Earn 250 statement credit after you spend $3,000 within the purchase of 6 months.
  • Zero per cent on intro APR and also available balance transfer facility after 12 months.

9. The Platinum Card® from American Express

Usually, not all banks or financial institutions have all types of credit cards- that means for low to high credit limits. This is the major reason why we are here to let you undertake the best Platinum Card® from American Express. It comes with a generous welcome bonus and rewards points facility.

  • The Platinum Card® comes with an annual fee of $65
  • Welcome bonus of around $80,000 membership rewards points once you spend $8,000 (within 6 months of purchase). 1x rewards point on other expenses.
  • 5X reward points on flight booking+ prepaid hotels booked.

10. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday is also available from American Express and is one of the excellent options for those with an average credit limit. If you are finding it difficult to get a credit card due to poor credit limit then not to be worried about.

  • Get a welcome bonus of $2,00 on the purchase of $2,000 (within 6 months).
  • 3% cashback at U.S supermarkets, 3% cashback online retail purchases + gas stations.
  • Also, get 0% APR on purchase plus balance transfer- for the 1st 15 months. Later on, the rate goes up to 19.24%-29.99%.

11. Citi Custom Cash® Card

You do not have to remain deprived of keeping credit card because you have poor credit score. But there are different cards available that can even be issued with low to fair score. Therein one of the those is Citi Custom Cash® Card. This card is combined with many features packed within it to let customer enjoy without taking stress.

A welcome bonus is served of $200 in cash back once you spend $1500 (within the first 6 months of account opening).

Zero percent APR on purchase.

5% cashback facility available on top eligible (spend categories) + 1% on other purchases. This way cardholders will be able to undertake desired benefits.

12. Chase Freedom Flex (SM)

To the top list of high-limit credit cards for a 650-credit score, how can we forget to mention Chase Freedom Flex (SM)? The card is another one of the great choices individuals can make. It comes with different flexibility for all of its customers.

  • 3% cashback on medicines on dining (takeout) as well.
  • 1% on other purchases and 5% cashback on travel.
  • Earn a $200 bonus after you spend $500 (within 3 months of account opening).
  • 0% APR on purchases (for first 15 months) and after that rate gets increased to 20.49%-29.24%.


A poor to fair credit score can become problem every time you are in a need of financial services. Majorly, individuals are not able to get loan or credit card and remain deprived of benefits. But this is not the case because there are flexibility that different banks has offered by means of delivering credit card with 650 credit score.

However, we have combined the top one’s to help you get the best facility and also with high credit limit.


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