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Hairstyles For Wedding Guests: How To Choose?

Hairstyles For Wedding Guests: How To Choose?

A wedding celebration should bring joy to the newlyweds and all those invited, each wanting to look solemn and attractive. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a festive outfit and makeup and take care of the wedding guest hairstyles, which should correspond to the event. Let’s talk about hairstyle options for guests at the wedding.

Rules For Choosing A Hairstyle

It is not so easy to decide on a hairstyle for wedding guests, especially since there are several categories into which they are divided:

  • mother of the groom and mother of the bride;
  • a witness;
  • close bridesmaids;
  • acquaintances and distant relatives.

All these categories will affect the hairstyle’s look and how it is done: on your own or with the help of a professional. 4 primary rules must be followed before choosing a hairstyle for wedding guests:

  • in no case try to look better and brighter than the bride;
  • choose by the format of identity (or subject matter);
  • choose a hairstyle that will successfully harmonize with the face;
  • and most notably – the choice should be made by your hair type (sparse or thick, thin or thick, soft or hard, long or short, straight or wavy).

Therefore, before you go to the hairdresser, remember which category of guests you belong to and what is best for your hair.

Hairstyles For Guests

Hair styles for wedding guest are essential for both newlyweds and guests. And how to make a choice, we will consider further.


Almost all brides are serious about the appearance of their witness, in which everything should be in harmony: hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, dress, and shoes. By the format of the wedding celebration, the bride can choose elegant braids, various buns, or more complex wedding guest hairstyles for long hair. In the summer, you can negotiate with the bridesmaids and decorate your loose hair with wreaths of flowers (their color should be in harmony with the outfit). In the case of a collected hairstyle in a bun, you can use one hairpin in the form of a giant flower.


The sister of the bride or groom will also be in the circle of gaze, so you need to feel confident and comfortable. If this is the sister of the bride, then you can make hairstyles for wedding guest in the same style as them. If you want an individual approach, you can choose a playful option (for example, two bunches) or a bun using a donut, which is well suited for a particularly young girl. Or dissolve them if they are thick and wavy. And the boho style will allow you to combine loose curls with a light weave.

Mothers And Grandmothers

Older women prefer a strict but elegant style – often, it is collected hairstyles or beautiful haircuts. Their hairstyles for wedding guests for long hair will not be decorated with flowers, wreaths, mischievous curls, or in the form of braids. You can make a lowered tail fixed with a stylish hairpin. It is enough that they are beautifully painted and stylishly laid out. This type of woman is faithful to the refined classics of styles.

Friends And Distant Relatives

There will be no too strict rules for wedding guest hairstyles. It is enough to have a neat styling to go to the face and be combined with the outfit.

In The End

To make a hairstyle for wedding guests promptly, you must take care of the appointment in advance. If your friend knows how to style her hair, there will be no problems, but you should sign up for a professional salon in advance on the wedding celebration day. Please note that styling hair, exceptionally long hair, takes up to two hours or more.


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