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Bigg Boss Winners of all Seasons


List Of Bigg Boss Winners (All Seasons- 1 To 15):

Bigg Boss is a reality show that has been airing in India since 2006. The concept of the show is based on the Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol Jr. It follows the same premise as international versions, where a group of contestants live together in an isolated house and compete against each other for prizes and elimination.

Since its debut, Bigg Boss has become one of India’s most popular television series. The show has hosted several celebrities over the years, bringing in millions of viewers every season.

Let’s take a look at Bigg Boss Winners of all seasons:

1) Season 1 – Rahul Roy (2006-2007)

Rahul Roy was the first Bigg Boss winner from season 1 in 2006-2007. He gained widespread fame and recognition after becoming the winner of this Bigg Boss, an Indian version of Big Brother. Immediately following his Bigg Boss win, Rahul became a massive star overnight and went on to appear in various movies, both Bollywood and regional films.

He also won numerous awards for his acting skills and remains a celebrated figure in the film industry. Over the years, Rahul has continued to make headlines with his work within the entertainment industry as well as his community initiatives, making him one of India’s most iconic Bigg Boss winners to date.

2) Season 2 – Ashutosh Kaushik (2008)

Bigg Boss is a reality TV show in India full of entertainment, drama, and suspense. Season 2 of Bigg Boss began in 2008 and ended with Ashutosh Kaushik as the Bigg Boss winner. He was a 28-year-old native of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh who had worked as a roadside auto-rickshaw driver for several years before becoming Bigg Boss champion.

During Bigg Boss season 2, he was celebrated for his energy and resilience. Ultimately, he triumphed over the other Bigg Boss contestants by garnering more popularity and votes from both viewers and Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. His success on Bigg Boss season 2 opened up new doors of opportunities for him in the entertainment industry and further set him off on a fulfilling career path.

3) Season 3 – Vindu Dara Singh (2009)

Season 3 of Bigg Boss was undoubtedly an exciting time for fans and viewers, as the show welcomed Bigg Boss Winner Vindu Dara Singh as one of their newest housemates. That season certainly had its fair share of twists and turns, spiking viewer engagement to never before seen heights.

With a seasoned Bigg Boss vet now taking part in the game, it was anyone’s guess how things would ultimately shake out, but Vindu Dara Singh proved his mettle and eventually went on to win the crown that season – underlining once again why Bigg Boss is one of India’s most beloved reality shows.

4) Season 4 – Shweta Tiwari (2010-2011)

Shweta Tiwari was the Bigg Boss winner of season 4 in 2010-2011, making her the first female to ever win Bigg Boss in India. Born on October 4th, 1980, Shweta Tiwari emerged victorious against Aly Goni after a nail-biting finale and beat fourteen other competitors.

During Bigg Boss season 4, Shweta Tiwari established herself as one of the strongest contestants due to her independent nature and clear opinion on every issue. Even though she was known for her controversial remarks at times, her boldness earned her respect from viewers all across India. Therefore, Shweta Tiwari more than deserved to partake in Bigg Boss history by becoming its very first female Bigg Boss winner in 2010-2011.

5) Season 5 – Juhi Parmar (2011-2012)

Season 5 of Bigg Boss was won by the popular Indian TV actress Juhi Parmar in 2011-2012. She competed against 14 other celebrities on the show, and after 105 days, emerged victorious.

For her win, Juhi received a cash prize of INR 1 Crore and a trophy that solidified her title as Bigg Boss Winner. Along with memorable experiences, Juhi also gained a fan following that remains strong today. Her Bigg Boss victory has earned her a notable place in India’s TV industry and continues to be one of her career highlights.

6) Season 6 – Urvashi Dholakia (2012-2013)

Season 6 of Bigg Boss saw a historic introduction – the first Bigg Boss winner who was chosen from the previous season to appear as a guest of an all-new season. Urvashi Dholakia graced Bigg Boss Season 6’s audience with her presence for the duration of 2012-2013 and she successfully managed to leave an indelible mark on the Bigg Boss family’s heart with her noble attitude and jovial personality. One would be hard-pressed to find someone without admiration for this remarkable Bigg Boss winner, who had captured their hearts much before they even took part in Bigg Boss.

7) Season 7 – Gauhar Khan (2013)

Upon entering Bigg Boss Season 7 in 2013, no one would have guessed the powerful impact Gauhar Khan would make. She emerged as Bigg Boss’ winner of the season, taking home the title and prize money of 50 lakhs. Beyond winning, Gauhar made a lasting impression on viewers this season with her poise and unwavering conviction. Having been part of six Bigg Boss tasks, she was the only one to be elected as Bigg Boss Winner for being the deserving contestant who balanced homework and task works well. As Bigg Boss Winner for Season 7, Gauhar walked away with both recognition and respect from all Bigg Boss fanatics across India.

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8) Season 8 – Gautam Gulati (2014-2015)

Gautam Gulati was declared Bigg Boss Winner on Season 8, airing from 2014 to 2015. He became the second Bigg Boss contestant to receive the highest votes in Bigg Boss history, proving his popularity amongst the Bigg Boss fan base. Throughout this season he proved himself to be a smart and strategic player with an abundance of wit and charm. Gautam played an exemplary game in Bigg Boss Season 8, becoming quite possibly one of Bigg Boss’s most memorable contestants ever!

9) Season 9 – Prince Narula (2015-2016)

The most recent Bigg Boss winner is the popular television actor, Prince Narula from Season 9. He was crowned as Bigg Boss Champion for 2015-2016 after emerging victorious against Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi in a nail-biting finale episode. The 29-year-old model and actor won the Bigg Boss Championship with an impressive 51.86% of the votes, defeating his opponents by a huge margin of 11 percent. This victory was highly celebrated by Narula’s fans who had been rooting for him throughout the season, and cemented Prince Narula in Bigg Boss history as one of its most beloved winners!

10) Season 10  – Manveer Gurjar (2016-2017)

Manveer Gurjar was the Bigg Boss winner in season 10, which ran from 2016-2017. A farmer and dairy owner from Noida, this common man captured the attention of viewers with his honesty and wit. He expressed himself freely and openly which connected him to the audience right away. His victory resonated with many as he was able to stay on top throughout his Bigg Boss stint, displaying a steady display of resilience and intelligence. Manveer’s win is something of a victory for the common man, representing an everyman’s tale that inspired audiences all over India.

11) Season 11 – Shilpa Shinde(2017-2018)

Shilpa Shinde is the Bigg Boss Winner of Season 11 in 2017-2018. She won hearts with her joyous personality and lovable behavior won her many supporters in the house. Faced with several scandals and a lawsuit, people were shocked by her journey on Bigg Boss where she overcame it all to win the Bigg Boss title. Her ability to maintain her buoyancy despite the odds made her a fan favorite, ensuring her victory above everyone else. This Bigg Boss winner paved the way for many Bigg Boss contestants to have strong wills and spirits no matter what challenge they face.

12) Season 12– Dipika Kakar Ibrahim(2018-2019)

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim was Bigg Boss Season 12 winner. She emerged victoriously after a hard-fought season that had many twists and turns in its storyline. Her popularity grew exponentially with the show, and she won the hearts of many through her performance.

Dipika showcased her strong spirit as a Bigg Boss contestant, constantly competing against Bigg Boss’s various challenges and tasks. She became a fan favorite because of how she never gave up on anything, no matter how difficult it got, even when she had to face evictions several times in the middle of the season. In the end, her determination and strength paid off when she was declared Bigg Boss Season 12 winner.

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13) Season 13– Siddharth Shukla(2019-2020)

Bigg Boss season 13 had one of the most interesting contestants in all of Bigg Boss history. Siddharth Shukla was Bigg Boss Season 13 winner. He was able to win over hearts with his charming personality and witty remarks during tasks. He proved to be a strong contender throughout the season and emerged victorious at the end. Not only is he an amazing actor but also popular for his modeling and appearances in various fashion shows. His popularity among Bigg Boss fans has made him quite famous in India, even though Bigg Boss just concluded less than a year ago.

14) Season 14– Rubina Dilaik (2020-2021)

Rubina Dilaik reigns supreme as Bigg Boss’s 14th season winner. She first entered the Bigg Boss house in October 2020 and quickly captivated audiences with her honest, independent spirit. Her talent for connecting with people and making them laugh soon won her many friends among fellow Bigg Boss housemates as well as Bigg Boss fans worldwide.

Despite being an underdog throughout the show, she was able to beat out the competition and win Bigg Boss Season 14 – a true testament to her strength of character and determination. With her loyalty and defiance against conventions, Rubina Dilaik is indeed a worthy Bigg Boss winner for 2020-2021.

15) Season 15 –   Tejasswi Prakash(2021-2022)

The latest Bigg Boss winner is Tejasswi Prakash for season 15 in 2021-2022. She is the first female contestant to win the show since Shilpa Shinde won in 2017-2018. Tejasswi’s journey on Bigg Boss was inspiring, as she held her ground despite all the difficulties and obstacles that were thrown her way.

Her resilience in the face of criticism is something to admire, as she was able to overcome it with a positive attitude every time. Her win showed that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in hard work and determination, making her Bigg Boss Season 15’s deserving winner.

Overall, Bigg Boss has been a sensational success throughout India and around the world. It’s just one of the many reality shows that have become part of Indian culture in recent years. The show continues to delight viewers with its unpredictable twists and turns. From Rahul Roy to Tejasswi Prakash, each season has produced some memorable moments and gripping dramas. With Season 16 on the horizon, fans are eager to find out who will emerge as the next winner of Bigg Boss India!


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