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5 Tips to Make Weekly Meetings Useful for Your Whole Team

5 Tips to Make Weekly Meetings Useful for Your Whole Team

Myriads of meetings are held with teams as a smart solution. This will depend on the level of preparation and an endeavor to introduce novelty once in a while. You may have observed that several workers do not attend meetings they know they will be lectured by their boss without being given a chance to talk back to him/her. For instance, there are 55 million meetings conducted every week in America; however, about 71% of them are regarded as useless.

The key purpose is good communication needed so that your team doesn’t go astray. Without the regular weekly team meeting employees can easily lose sight of the corporation’s objectives. The main aim is building real team spirit as having one will enable you offer good customer service, quality leads generation and make more money for your company.

If you want ideas on how to improve your weekly meetings then keep reading this post for inspiration.

Audit Your weekly meetings

Auditing is an important part of any successful business whether it deals with marketing, sales or customer care among other things. Such an audit type demands actual hands-on participation instead of automation tools. What should we continue doing and what needs correction? You need to know what works and what can be discarded from the existing meeting schedule.

Ensure you understand each meeting’s purpose such that if possible, some can be shortened or even done away with completely. Once done with this think how else you can make the remaining ones better and more interesting. In order for these changes work out at all, try coming up with a few interesting staff meeting ideas that you feel would make your sessions better off. Include activities that help you perk up employee morale.

Distribute Materials beforehand

Instead keeping documents for meetings send them earlier so that people comprehend objectives well ahead in advance too.
Sharing information before enables teammates get extra time where apart from preparing themselves they can carefully discuss their actions. This is how more useful input will be obtained, no time is wasted on going through materials at the meeting and it makes further progress possible.

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Allow your team to talk

Leadership is all about helping your team achieve their objectives and encouraging them to share their ideas and issues. Always aim for an open dialogue with your staff. So, plan interesting activities between meetings and communicate with your team members. Bring sweets, soft drinks, or new types of coffee, and try to engage with your staff by sharing some fun stories and asking about their personal interests. This way, they will feel more at ease addressing their difficulties and sharing ideas and creative solutions. Getting to know your team is an enlightening journey that you will definitely enjoy.

Celebrate the successes of your team

Just before the weekly meeting congratulate those employees who have signed a difficult contract or managed to complete a long-term project successfully. Additionally, it’s vital to appreciate the work of your team when they reach set targets in order to inspire them further. It shows that you value their commitment as well as professionalism at work.

If, for example, an employee surpasses his quarter sales target; give him a gift card as appreciation. Another way is by just mentioning it to everyone during the team meeting and you can do that through doing so. This will increase hope among all the employees before the meeting begins and other team members will be motivated to perform well.

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Allow your workers come up with the next topic of discussion

You should have a good plan in place and organize your meetings early enough. Ask them to submit what they would like to talk about few days before the appointed date. Suppose every Monday is a weekly kick-off day for you, where you conduct such meetings intending to get ready for the forthcoming week. At this point, your team may keep ongoing record of any questions or concerns within that week.

Moreover, make sure that ahead of time you encourage your teammates to make notes using note-taking apps about their ideas during the meeting . As such all parties can bring their thoughts together in one place. Therefore use this document as an agenda throughout the session; it incorporates issues raised plus problem-solving efforts made by employees on a collective basis at work since then. What counts is how you lead these events towards certain ways but not matters arising therefrom only regardless of how they are prepared which means maintaining focus on subjects under consideration while observing timelines or even deadlines generally applied.


It’s tough being a team leader sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it. With proper communication and quality programs created by yourself as an employer helps establish an excellent working environment which caters for personal growth opportunities in any company . Your staffs will also enjoy staying in such surroundings because everyone contributed in its development . Always remember to appreciate our employees’ contributions through organizing meetings where they are at the center stage of things happening on ground.

Let them talk and speak out their minds creatively.”


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