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Creative Factor Integrated Marketing Pvt Ltd: Built on a strong foundation of passion. Where passion meets profession

Built on a strong foundation of passion. Where passion meets profession.

“CFians are a tribe. And I am super happy to be a CFian.” Hiral Sanghani Saimy, Partner & Chief Happiness Officer, Creative Factor Integrated Marketing Pvt Ltd

Saying that the 21st century belongs to knowledge workers would be an understatement. We are living in a knowledge-driven world fueled by creativity. In this globalized economy, it’s a gargantuan task to think out of the box as chances are that someone somewhere might already be working on that very idea that you have been contemplating. It’s not that creativity is the latest development. People and companies have been creative for a long time. But in recent times, the need to add creativity to every task has found new takers from all corners of the world.

Companies are investing a big pool of their amount in creative agencies so that they can exhibit their products/services in a more subtle and interesting manner and draw the attention of their target audience. Creativity has gained immense value in the last couple of decades.  There are several creative agencies and service providers claiming to offer the best. Yet, we find certain companies always excelling and becoming the preferred choice of their clients. Today, we are going to talk about one such firm – Creative Factor Integrated Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Their philosophy is based on “show, don’t tell”. The experience and number of successful projects talks about their acumen to say the least.

Creative Factor is a company built on a strong foundation of humanness in 2009, with the vision to create a place where the mind is set free, feel that they belong, and grow with immense learning. Creative Factor is led with a purpose to stay human and radiate the same philosophy to their clients. Creative Factor is a place where client victories are celebrated, and personal breakthroughs are recognized. Since its inception in 2009, there have been many who loved their unique approach.

Enabling businesses to thrive in the world of uncertainty and flux

Their powerful debates and powerful intention to make a difference for a larger purpose make them CFians – a purpose-led Tribe. Creative Factor tops the list of “Small team, Big impact”. They enable businesses to make the best of the opportunities and thrive in a world of uncertainty and flux. As a group of  B2B Specialty Business consulting and communication professionals, they understand the B2B Business Models and their Operations. They leverage their Business Intelligence, Strategic Thinking Models, Human-To-Human (H2H) Business Relationships, Creativity, Communication, and Domain Expertise across Technology, Manufacturing, Digitization, and Sustainability to deliver Unconventional Business Solutions and approaches to Global Clientele. Being a purpose-driven organization, their sole purpose is to ensure that clients’ businesses keep winning and growing in the ever-changing world.

They believe that marketing and management of the business are critical for the sustenance and growth of any organization that creates livelihoods. Their goal is to make things work for their clients which are being helmed under the capable leadership of its women-power led by Hiral Sangani Saimy, Partner & Chief Happiness Officer, Creative Factor Group. She is widely known as a simple lady weaving big dreams. She believes that the world is beautiful, and life is simple, everyone deserves to live happily. She is a thriver. A people-centric, accomplished communication evangelist with over 23 years as an industry leader. She has been successful in transforming enterprises through her unique set of skills and industry knowledge acquired through decorated stints across the BFSI, telecom, customer service, and education industries.

Woman empowerment guiding the company to pinnacle

Hiral has been passionately engaged in designing experiences that bring about impactful and visible transformations whether it’s for customers or employees, distributors, investors, or other key stakeholders. She has a history of developing Customer Solution Strategies to enhance Business Performance in India, the Americas, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. Known for her leveraging disruptive technologies and analytic-based knowledge of consumer behaviors/ needs to spur tremendous growth. Prior to joining Creative Factor, she was spearheading Customer experience and communication with Exide Life Insurance, subsequently consulting Gen X, Y & Z. Besides her, the company’s management and leadership are formed of experts who have been in CXO positions. They make work fun and stress-free while uplifting the lives of the entire team.

What makes them one of the most sought-after creative agencies to work for? To understand this let’s refer to a Randstad employer brand research survey, which states that about 43% of Indians quit their job due to dissatisfaction with their career path, burnout, stressful days, and sleep-deprived nights. Also, lack of family and self-time is some of the ubiquitous and worrying things heard from people in similar domains. This is where Creative Factor makes the difference. People are given enough liberty to work as per their comfort. CFians are seen singing on days and working during nights. There are working weekends and fun weekdays too.

Usually, it is a rarity to witness companies talking about employee well-being or holistic health as a focus in any “agency”; founders taking initiatives to make the team go for walks, play sports, listen to music, and encourage healthy in-house cooked food. Also, what places them apart is their passion for problem-solving, and the team’s commitment to ensure that they deliver on their promise. “We saw how different branches of advertising and marketing broke apart, forming independent industry segments”, says Hiral.

We create solutions that encompass customer, distributor, and employee experience.

Hiral loves to create Customer journey, communication campaigns, and strategies that get high retention with big smiles.

Bringing out the best in talent, building a human-centric, empowering, and resilient culture

Typically, if a marketing head wants to launch a campaign, he/she will end up briefing multiple types of agencies, and every organization will end up giving solutions from their segment. It makes the life of marketing heads and managers more daunting. With this segmentation, the client is not dealing with the real question and is forced to deal with different media streams. “Our method, on the other hand, is first to discover the real challenge and then to find the most effective means to deal with the problem. Our passion for problem-solving and our team’s commitment to ensuring that we deliver on that promise is our most prominent cultural victory. CFians are a tribe.”

The core purpose is to bring out the best in talent, building a human-centric, empowering, and resilient culture. They are designing a workplace of tomorrow, today. With their talent, they enable businesses to make the best of the opportunities and thrive in a world of uncertainty and flux. The progress of our world largely depends upon the evolution of our workplaces. Every organization, large or small, public, or private, is an enabler and responsible for our society. Creative Factor has replaced some of the evaluation parameters that allow a human-centric workplace to thrive. People are an integral part of values, so the most important value for any size and kind of workplace is Human & Purpose.

Creative Factor always gives special importance to human values. Too much dependence on connection tools has only hampered the productivity. As mentioned in the EX-survey, by “Anywhere work survey”, 64% of companies cited the absence of consistent human communication leading to non-collaboration and non-cohesiveness; this has a direct impact on the environment and performance of people. No matter what tools and systems are deployed, only a human-to-human connection will help retention and action. So PHYGITAL is the name of the game, along with an effective multichannel tool, with connected content, that makes the audience take action.

Their master strategy is always purpose-driven. Human-centric consulting firm that performs as clients’ extended team to make them write stories that make history and help them achieve business milestones.

Where collaboration leads to wonders

Their workplace policies and procedures are very well designed and unique to provide a conducive environment. They are focusing on a systematic way to enhance their policies and evaluate tools and ways that will help grow the holistic well-being of every individual. Creative Factor is the epitome of a workplace where like-minded people collaborate and do wonders. It is an ideal place for those in search of a human-centric workplace, a creative lab, and a home to infuse in fun, work, sing, play learn, grow, and make the most of every moment of life.

Everything about Creative Factor is different, people’s growth and breakthroughs are celebrated, and here people are recognized and promoted for being accountable. They ensure all the resources possible to their employees enabling them to fuel and realize their career dreams, which in turn, help them have a great holistic life. Some have the option to learn, and some to research, build and launch their passion projects. They have provisions for all. They let people explore their MOJO in work, be accessible, with the freedom to test and launch their ideas. “Remember we have millennials working with GenZ, their world view and life understanding is different, be open to listen and learn, they don’t need to be taught, they learn”, adds Hiral.

Their ‘employee experience framework’ defines the six phases of an employee life cycle from selecting the right talent to retaining the talent for life, (or until retirement), in any organization that is driven by its people. All the credit for maintaining an ideal workplace goes to the visionary leadership of Hiral. She has been focused on the people side of the business be it policies, tools, and other means to drive holistic well-being.

“Experience influences every small and big choice of life. And that is my focus area, creating memorable experiences is what I love to do, some of my past assignments give me the confidence to be able to create legendary communication, process, websites, events, and transformations that result in the highest level of satisfaction. In this way, through our services and interactions, we also decode an understanding of customer and employee experience that goes beyond surveys, U//UX, and interactive tools. As every purchase is made by humans, so think and design your business with humans and for humans.” She has always been happy and successful in keeping anything that influences the experience of people be it, employees, or clients.

Team building, nurturing, and harnessing competencies of the team

Hiral keeps encouraging people to join the organization. “At large, I have experienced that people especially GenZ don’t like preachers, they like learners, they have amazing POV, and love to share it. So, some of the ways people feel encouraged are when I listen with curiosity.” It is like insights that help build a better user experience for my clients. She is a people person. Team building, nurturing, and harnessing competencies of the team are some of her key strengths. Beyond that, she has been at the forefront of promoting work-life balance for her employees. People talk about work-life balance, and I say work is a part of life; especially since our maximum awake time is spent at work.”

She aims to keep working towards making a happy workplace where you would love to go, research, or read interesting books, debate and play games, paint, or sing and enjoy. This is the energy infused in every assignment they deliver to their clients. “That’s how we see ourselves. To be known globally for creating an impact with every project. We call this making waves, relentless and always landing with an impact.  We see ourselves soon as the global hero sticking our guns to being unique in humanizing workplaces, while tech takes huge focus, our innovation is from the human and emotional connections. Creative Factor will be an enabler and help Humanizing the Workplace globally.”

Hiral has advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. She says, “If you are working remotely or hybrid – ensure no one is left out. That in my mind is also a part of inclusivity.” Make provision for constructive conversations. This is also important for people working alone. It’s easy for people to get left out, lost, disengaged, and disconnected, in an increasingly remote, hybrid. “Keep involving and interacting with people, as they are all humans and machines can’t empathize, but humans can”, she concludes.

We must dive deep into the dynamic climate of the business and based on the accumulative human logic study, arrive at communication strategies. People interact with people; people engage with people; people are important to people. Being empathetic, personal, authentic, and inspiring are key for the approach which is H2H. Always keep “what people want” central to the strategy.


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