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Top 15 Apps Like Craigslist For Selling Your Stuf

Selling old and buying new stuff has become an important part of our daily lives. When it comes to decluttering the old stuff, Craigslist is an app I have always preferred. It is an app where you can easily buy and sell old products, rent apartments or even hire candidates for your job. But what if this app suddenly starts working annoyingly? Then, one has to look for apps like Craigslist because, at the end of the day, you can’t rely on one app. 

While Craigslist is undoubtedly a good app for buying and selling products, there are many drawbacks I have encountered in the past. Many ads, annoying notifications, fewer leads, unsatisfying results, and many more made me find alternatives to Craigslist. Today there are a plethora of apps that are used for buying and selling. So, why not give those apps a shot? 

The best part is that now you don’t have to search for apps like Craigslist in many places. In today’s blog, I am going to provide you an alternatives to Craigslist. You can bookmark these apps and simply give these apps a try.

Top 15 Apps Like Craigslist For Selling Your Stuff

Below I have mentioned 15 apps like Craigslist for selling your stuff. In these apps, you can easily search for the desired stuff you want to buy or sell. So, without any delay, let’s get started exploring the list of 15 apps like Craigslist.  

  •  Decluttr

Declutter is an easy-to-use app like Cragslist used for buying and selling items. It is one of the apps trending the most, comparable to Craigslist. On Decluttr, selling your stuff is the most effortless process. However, there are limitations on what you can sell on it. The best part is that you must scan the items you want to sell to get your product ready to sell in the market. 


  • Recycling electronic: This app’s advanced feature allows for easy list-making of old phones and other electronics items and works best with electronics apps. 
  • No harm planet: Decluttr makes sure the environment is protected by working as hard as it can to recycle and repurpose outdated electronics and gadgets.


” I purchased a Google Pixel 4A 5G listed in good condition. I was at as well. I ended up buying at Decluttr due to availability. Ordered Monday night, received Friday. The package came with the 18w fast charger and cable. Everything looked brand new to me. Very pleased after about 15 days use. Moved my TMobile to the eSim and the physical slot for SingTel. Very happy”


  •  OfferUp

You may purchase and sell local goods using the mobile app Offer Up. It has quickly established itself as a trustworthy and unshady selling platform. According to a 2016 Business Insider analysis, OfferUp, Instagram, and Snapchat are the three platforms where users spend the most time. My most recent selling experiences indicate that this is the trending app that should be in the list of apps like Craigslist. 


  • No additional fees: Any user from anywhere in the world can use this app and phone to list their used products because there are no additional costs associated with using it.
  • Easy to use: The main benefit of this app is that it is simple to use. It is created in a way that it will function well on mobile devices and be user-friendly for customers at the same time. 


One of the best selling platforms out there! I love using offers. It is a great way to sell locally. I gave it 4.5 stars for 2 reasons – the first being If easy to use and readily available


The USA Today applications have a sizable feature gallery where users can browse available products and sell their outdated cell phones. The app also boasts excellent interaction between users and customers by giving them simple chat and support options. This one is one of the most popular apps like Craigslis used for buying and selling used goods. 


  • Unveil new finishing: The product’s key characteristic is that it offers clients new items that are similar to older ones while maintaining the quality of the older items.
  • Access to numerous offers: If you use this app to purchase or sell something, you can definitely expect to be able to take advantage of several offers and new, interesting prices.


Apps to sell stuff should be easy to use and have low fees with multiple payment … We recommend the best products through an independent review process”


  • Facebook Marketplace: 

With Facebook Marketplace, you can easily advertise your own items for sale while browsing a stream of neighbouring residents’ relevant offers. Facebook Messenger integration lets you negotiate or arrange a meet-up, and Facebook profiles give you more information about the person you’re dealing with than anonymous apps like Craigslist. 


  • Browse To Buy: The marketplace opens to a filtered feed of goods available for purchase from your neighbourhood. With the aid of the filter and different range possibilities, it is simple to find the things there, and the seller and why may also tag individuals.
  • Search in your neighbourhood: You may simply discover a buyer or a seller in your neighbourhood by searching the products that are being sold or bought there.


“We found that the vast majority of people just like to browse. They don’t have a specific item in mind. They are just…scrolling through the feed and seeing if there’s anything that might interest them” Pan conclude” 


  • Recycler

It is one of the top websites that is used for selling and buying  products as well as other things like pets, furniture, and home décor. The best feature of this app is that it also lists available jobs and lets users employ candidates directly from it. One of the most highlighted features about this app is that it supports the user query section. In this users can submit their query and their problems. So, you can indeed give Recycler buying and selling products app a try. 


  • Customer services: Where you see more customer self-service, it signifies that the company offers its users and customers self-service and customer support options.
  • Features of Advanced Security. There is no need to worry about fraud because all of these profiles have been verified and double-checked from the back, and they also offer advanced security safeguards for their users.


This team of young dedicated people are very friendly and they will encourage you to turn eco friendly and be part of the solution not the pollution” 


  • Trovit

Trovit is another recommended buying and selling app that comes under the list of apps like Craigslist where you can freely search for homes, automobiles, and jobs. In addition, you can post a job opening and easily advance a candidate for your employment prospects. Overall, it’s one of the most recommended apps where you can benefit from a number of advantages.


  • Simple job search: Candidates looking for options for employment can easily post for the hiring process as well as conduct a job search online.
  • Property consultants: If you want to buy an older home but are unsure in some ways, don’t worry; you may discover property experts who will provide you with the greatest advice there.


“One of the app’s unique feature lets you look for houses available to buy or rent based on their proximity to your current location! I absolutely love this app and want to explore more about this app”. 


  • Poshmark

Poshmark is more than just a place to buy; it’s a thriving community supported by millions of sellers that offer more than just their own sense of style. Additionally, this software has several intriguing features, including cashback, grant options, and many others, so users typically enjoy using Poshmark. You can indeed give this app a try because it is best selling and buying app among the list of apps like Craigslist. 


I’ve been on a poshmark for 5 years. It’s a good place to sell your stuff whether kid’s books, toys or clothing. Easy to use website. They are quick to pay you when you made a sale. Also you can find there unique things for a discounted price” 



Consider this to be one of the top advertising apps where people typically advertise about brands, companies, and the things they sell. Although display advertising is increasingly common, classified advertising is significantly more affordable than larger display advertisements utilised by businesses. In addition to the apparent advertising benefits, classifieds play a significantly larger role. They serve as a conduit for both buyers and sellers, serving as a market in essence.


  • Explore To Purchase: When you click “Browse To Buy,” the marketplace’s filtered feed of items from your neighbourhood that are for sale appears. It is simple to find the items there with the help of the filter and many range options, and the seller and reason may also tag people.
  • Access to a variety of offers: If you use this app to buy or sell something, you can count on being able to benefit from a variety of offers and brand-new, exciting rates.


“I am very happy today with my family. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me for a good 3 years now, and i love him so much, i have been looking for a way to get him back since then’  


  • Mercari

If you are one of those people who wants to say goodbye to all of your possessions and hello to your new ones, choose Mercari, an app that offers the best products. The app is one of the top ones for online shopping, similar to others apps like Craigslist but with some unique features of its own. 


This is a decent place to buy and sell your new or used items. I have sold quite a few products on the app and everything went smoothly for me. I like that they only give people 3 days to report any issues before the payment goes through. It makes it harder for people to scam” 


  • Let go

Let go is a comparable software to Craigslist that is used globally for buying and selling electronics and 

other goods. Users can look up and filter various goods and products based on their geographic capabilities as well as search for specific items. Additionally, the programme has tools for chat, simple communication, and many more. You can indeed give this app a try because it is featuring on the top most among the list of apps like Craigslist


  • Quality service: This company provides self-service and customer assistance alternatives to its users and customers, you’ll notice it in the areas where you see more customer self-service.
  • Stringent Security Capabilities. All of these profiles have been confirmed and double-checked from the back, and they also provide their users with cutting-edge security measures, so there is no need to be concerned about fraud.


I have join Letgo over a couple of years ago. My sales has well superseded the FREE and simple cost to post. My upgrades to bump listings are well worth value. I can’t say enough good.” 


  • Zillow

Zillow is define as leading real estate marketplace and comes under the list of apps like Craigslist which deals in selling and buying of apartments. This app basically deals with real estate platforms. In this app you can easily buy or sell your home or any of your real estate property. You will be able to find thousands of listings and affordable budget real estate projects on this platform. You will be able to experience a seamless experience on this platform. 


  • Easy Tools: It includes a list of easy tools that help buyers to purchase more easily. 
  • 3D home tours: In this users can take a tour of the home which they have a wishlist to buy. Moreover it includes 2D and 3d dimension old homes which are designed in a way that gives users a new experience of buying an old home. 


  • eBay Classifieds: 

Coming towards the other most recommended apps like Craigslist and ebay is an app which is comparatively better than Craigslist. In this app you can buy and sell home decor, electronic stuff, fashion clothing and many more. Also the best thing is that you can browse the latest deals and offers on every purchase over here. It is an Ecommerce platform where you can fulfill your wish of buying affordable stuff.  You are easily able to explore different discounts, coupons and many more on your every deal. So, it’s a thriving app for selling and buying your stuff. 


  • Huge discounts: Experience huge discounts and coupons on your every purchase. Make your shopping more affordable and beneficial by collecting discount coupons on your purchases. 
  • Fast delivery: it also includes option of fast delivery. Here people can submit their message request of delivering their products on an emergency basis. 


I like to order on Ebay, to save instead of paying far more on other websites like Amazon. But my experience with Ebay was not all that well yesterday. I ordered an item. AND when I found a better purchase, I was not able to cancel, only a few hours afterwards!


  • Bookoo

Looking for an app like Craigslist where you can look for anything from furniture to tickets? Bookoo is an app that is perfect for you. It is known as a customer friendly yard where users can easily sell and buy stuff from the neighbourhood. It is an app which also supports chat, calling and easy request sending option. Along with buying and selling stuff one can also experience user attraction and a friendly atmosphere over here. 


  • Customer support section: in this if customers are facing any issue then they can easily raise their issue and problem in customer support section. The whole app is designed with a customer friendly theme. 
  • Meeting option: in this app you can easily chat, call or even meet up with a user you want to. You can easily schedule a meeting with the person on chat and communication box. 


I like using the Bookoo app. However, there is a drawback though. The app is not able to recognize/save Japanese language text. I suppose it is the same for other users writing in other foreign languages in countries around the world. To remain/become competitive worldwide, I believe the Bookoo app will need to address this foreign language issue.


  • Gumtree

Looking for a list of apps like Craigslist where you can sell your daily items? Then give a shot to Gumtree buying and selling app. It is an app where you can buy or sell products in your community or nearby you. Today 14 millions of users are using Gumtree because of its advantages and its customer friendly platform. In just one click you are able to view the original photos and description of stuff you want to buy. So, it’s an app which you should indeed bookmark to give a try. 


  • Communication support: in this app you can easily do communication with buyer or sellers as it supports texting and calling features. You can clear all your query and make your deal done with the user on the communication box. 
  • Ad free purchasing: you can easily shop or search for your stuff without any interruption. This app includes a feature of ad free purchasing where ads are not going to pop up after every single second. 


Item advertised and received about three responses. Third person to enquire bought the item and the whole procedure went well. Person purchasing was polite and punctual.A very satisfying experience.


  • Locanto

Want to make your shopping more exciting and want to gain profit from the things which you are no longer using then locanto app is here. It is one of the best apps like Craigslist where you can make your shopping and selling things done easily. It is a platform where you can browse from the categories of thousands of options. You can easily search from the desire category you want. 


  • Choose easy categories: you can easily search your desired products from the category. It savea a lot of your time while shopping and assures you to match your desire with the stuff you like. 
  • Follow users: in this you can easily follow other users too. You can easily send a request to the user whose profile looks impressive to you. 


Thanks for the amazing service. We enjoy the service as much as we require. Its really give me full of excitement in our lifetime lovemaking experience. it’s my lifetime best and memorable experience which will memorable for me for full of life. I really love it.

Wrapping up 

Now, rather than having to search through too many platforms to locate what you need, we’ve compiled a list of the top Craigslist-like apps. Hope you will like the content and also let us know which one you would like most to experience and what you will bookmark?


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