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Top 10 Speaker Brands In India 2024

List Of 10 Best Speaker Brands In India 2024

We all love music no matter what form it belongs to. Some like to play soft music, some fast and more.

But listening to music is only found to be valuable when you have the right speakers with you. If not then you won’t be able to feel your music, but just listen to the lyrics. Therefore, there is a need for you to look for the top 10 speaker brands in India in 2024.

As technology is rising with each passing day, we are more prone to buy branded stuff. It is because branded stuff is more valuable, and long-lasting than the cheaper ones.

Similarly, when it comes to speakers, more and more consumers are looking to buy branded speakers because they want to buy the best products. The products that not are not only long-lasting but also give a smooth experience.

Therefore, choosing the right speaker brands in India 2024 is a necessity. So, if you are troubling yourself for quite a long time now, just stop here.

Speaker brands in india 2024 offering superior quality

It has been found that the Indian speaker market has a wide range of speakers to choose from. This means right as per your preferences and also budget.

So, whether you are a casual listener or fascinated by music, there is a need for you to choose the best speaker brands in India in 2024.

  1. JBL
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    JBL is one of the top speaker brands in India 2024 and it is because of high quality and features.

    It has been found that JBL has a strong history of serving excellent audio and this has led them to develop a strong reputation. You can buy portable Bluetooth speakers, home theater, and even speakers.

    JBL on the other hand is also known for durability because it is tough and long lasting.

    There is no doubt that JBL has a powerful sound and even comes in a variety of prices. It is you who needs to decide which JBL speaker, as per your requirement.

    When you are looking for a balanced sound profile then JBL is on top.

  2. Bose
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    After JBL, if we talk about the top speaker brands in India 2024 is Bose. It is especially known for its premium quality. 

    Further, Bose is known for its worldwide commitment to deliver rich, clear sound and this is what audiences like.

    Bose speakers are made up of enhanced technology to deliver a rich experience. This means both in terms of design and base (of music).

    In addition, Bose speakers also Focus on audiophiles and deliver exceptional sound quality.

    You can choose from a variety of speaker options that Bose offers right from portable. SoundLink Revolve, soundbars systems. Bose brand has a strong presence in India and this is because it can cater specific needs of people.

  3. Sony
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    The Sony brand is no way less than any other as it has a wider reach and strong reputation. They have a wide range of speakers to choose from like portable soundbars, home theater, wi-fi speakers and more.

    All of the Sony speakers have rich features like high-resolution audio, wireless connectivity, and a party lightning effect. 

    Sony speakers emphasize a clear and balanced sound profile. This is the reason why Sony will be among the top 10 speaker brands in India in 2024.

    In addition, Sony does have a diverse portfolio, feature-rich options and even caters for the wider audience.

  4. Philips
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    Upon research, we have found out that Philips offer value for money. Their speakers are not only good in quality but also affordable. This makes it easy for buyers who look for budget-friendly devices.

    Though, Philips have a long history towards develop renowned or top-quality products and their speakers are known for their durability.

    Right from portable speakers to soundbars, multimedia and party speakers anyone can be picked up with Philips as per their need.

    A well-established brand in India, Phillip is one of the best brands to consider buying speakers in 2024.

  5. boAt
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    We all are aware of the boAt brand as it has a diverse range of products to offer including speakers. Upon establishment, boAt on an immediate basis gained wide recognition.

    The brand offers a wide range of speakers and varieties from portable to home audio systems.

    Further, boAt speakers are also known for their designs. This is one of the top priorities for some of the buyers where designs matter a lot. Along with this, the brand focuses on style and performance and in turn, provides an immersive audio experience.

    boAt speakers come with Bluetooth features, water resistance and long battery support. All of these features make its speakers a versatile option and hence, listed among the top 10 speaker brands in India.

  6. LG
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    One of the prominent electronic companies in India is LG. You will find different products of LG in some other homes because of their durability and features.

    But with different products for home, LG does have superb quality speakers available with them. When you are making up your mind to buy speakers for your home then LG is among the top 10 speaker brands in India.

    LG offers a home theater system, Bluetooth speakers, smart or party speakers and even outdoor speakers.

    Further, LG speakers are value for money and quality options within an affordable range.

    They deliver decent audio quality that is good for either casual listening or also for everyday use. So, when you are looking for quality, affordability and also features, then LG can easily offer you everything combined within one speaker.

  7. Samsung
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    Samsung is another top and famous brand when it comes to choosing appliances or devices. For speakers, they are no doubt one of the good choices within the affordable deal.

    Their speakers offer sleek and modern design and hence they can be adjustable to any place easily. 

    Deliver good quality sound that is suitable to your ears and can be used for everyday use. In this manner you can even protect your ears from heavy sound.

    When it comes to varieties then they deliver soundbars, portable Bluetooth speakers, home theatre systems and more.

    Even some of their speakers allow you to create a connected audio system throughout your home. When you are prioritizing features and looks at the same time then Samsung speakers are those you can look for.

  8. Zebronics
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    Zebronics speakers are top contenders in the market and majorly for budget-conscious buyers. They offer the most affordable speakers in India and hence you can buy from them.

    They have multimedia speakers, portable Bluetooth, tower and party speakers.

    Zebronics speakers deliver a decent quality and are suitable for casual listening. Their speakers come in various configurations with enhanced bass and immersive audio experience too.

    In addition, Zebronics gaming speakers are optimized for use even in gaming consoles, PCs and even laptops. Their speakers are designed to enhance the gaming experience too.

    Zebronics comes with affordability, versatility and even reliability. They easily cater to different needs and make popular choices among consumers.

  9. Infinity (JBL)
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    Infinity (JBL) has also maintained its position among the top 10 speaker brands in India in 2024. Infinity is owned by JBL and delivers a powerful and immersive audio experience.

    They offer home audio systems designed to deliver quality for music, movies, and gaming and they use high-quality drivers.

    Infinity JBL speakers are built to last so investing in them won’t make you feel regret. In addition, infinity JBL speakers come with wireless connectivity so that you can connect your desired music through your phone and even other devices.

    They are also water resistant making them one of the good options for outdoor use. They are also compatible with voice assistance. Since their speakers are typically small or lightweight and hence can be carried easily to any place.

  10. Mivi
    Top 10 Speaker Brands In India

    Mivi is an Indian company that specializes in audio products that mainly include Bluetooth speakers. 

    Also, they are known for their affordable pricing and even focus on portability and durability.

    If you are looking for both of these features, then Mivi speakers are the best choice. 

    They are found to be relatively small and also affordable and you can easily carry them wherever you go.

    Most of the Mivi speakers are also dustproof and waterproof. This will help you to stay connected with your favourite music for long hours.

    Further, they do have a decent sound quality and this makes them to be among the top 10 speaker brands in India 2024. Hence, when you are looking to undertake the complete package of affordability and features then Mivi speakers are the best choice.


Nowadays buying speakers has become the top necessity for each one of us. They help us to listen to our favourite music and make our mood light.

But at the same time, you also have to buy the best speaker brands in India in 2024. Hence, if you were confused about which brand to choose from then in that case we have listed them all above. 

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