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List of Top 10 Richest States in the USA 2024

The Top 10 Richest States in the United States of America 2024

We all have read about the top actor, actresses, the top 10 songs, celebrities and even more. But have you ever got to read about the Top 10 richest states?

This might sound weird to some, but millions of people are interested to connect with such a topic. We could say that is not weird for some, it is all the interest that we hold and also sometimes we need to gather information- that is way more important than entertainment.

Hence, we ensure that we cover different topics to let you stay connected with this and enhance your knowledge. Since U.S counts to the top richest states and today, we have come up to enrich you with the Top 10 richest states in the USA.

We all know the fact that the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This is counted as per the GDP (Gross domestic product) and the majority of the states coming within the USA have higher GDP.

To this, the contribution made to the US economy is quite high and its related States as well. It was also stated when COVID-19 hit the entire world, most of the people lost their jobs. To this, around 10 million Americans even lose their job and in turn savings.

But the wealth of the billionaires continued to rise which raised around $2 trillion in the U.S. But the question here to think is what’s making them to be billionaires or the richest? Along with the Top 10 richest states in the USA, we will help you to determine one fact as well.

Richest states in USA combining the successful corporation 

There is no denying fact that the richest states in the USA combines successful corporation. This means that the U.S. is part of the federal republic. To this, there are different laws and regulations made implemented. But to some of the states, they can maintain their law.

However, some of the richest states in the USA have passed a law that contributes to encouraging corporations/businesses to grow. In turn, contributes to the economy as well and makes up the richest states in the USA.

So, let us help you to determine all of those with more details about them.

The median household income of New York-$75,157

New York has bounced back like all other States after the pandemic, but the major difference is that it’s still on the list of richest states. It is spotted with the richest people and comes under the 3rd largest one in the country.

But what’s making it so is the number of millionaires residing with their net worth. This is called the Big Apple- the home to millionaires.

The city has the greatest pool of talent combining young and educated people to access venture capital. Companies like Facebook, Apple and Google are expanding and they want professionals to join them giving them a big bounce.

Along with this, the State has also projected a growth rate of around 0.5% which is adding it to be on top of the list. However, it has people of net worth more than $100 million. Yet along with the richest person it is also the hubs that are counting around the economy and making it to be on top of the list.

  • Massachusetts

The median household income of Massachusetts- $86,566

Massachusetts is no doubt the second richest State in the US and this comes with a median household worth of around $85,843. There are tons of companies that are situated within the States contributing to the economy and making it stand wide.

The total number of billionaires we count in the State is around 254,201. It has one of the highest economies due to talented individuals working. Massachusetts further has played quite an important role scientifically, historically and even commercially in U.S history. It further ranks 1 in the percentage of the population 25 and even more with bachelor’s and advanced degrees both.

No wonder it is one of the 6th smallest states by land area, but still it has counted among the top 10 riches States in the U.S. Massachusetts was also transformed into a manufacturing centre at the time of the industrial revolution.

With all of the advancements, Massachusetts come up to the top while maintaining the economy. In addition, it does boost its computed and electronic manufacturing industries as well. To this, the state economy has thrived for quite long years

  • Washington

The median household income of Washington-$82,400

Washington is determined to be one of the official states of Washington. It is counted as one of the wealthiest States along with the socially liberal state in the country. But this is not the end, Washington even ranks among the best for surviving life and even more and has a low unemployment rate.

This was the State that come out to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis and even same-sex marriage. The state further has around or more than 550,000 employees working in different sectors like aircraft, missiles, shipbuilding, and other transportation equipment, food processing, metals and even more.

Also, it has thousands of dams that are built for different purposes like irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, and water storage. With all of such factors, it makes it stand within the Top 10 richest states in the USA.

  • California

The median household income of California- $84,079

California is considered the largest of any state within the United States and contributes $3.37 trillion in gross state product (GSP). Along with this, we cannot forget to tell you that it contributes largest sub-nation economy in the world.

California is considered to be a sovereign nation and would rank as the 5th largest economy. It is also equipped with one of the culturally diverse groups of professionals. All of those are contributing to the economy in different industries.

Some of the notable contributions are made towards sports, music, fashion, entertainment and more. Further, the state has also shown a substantial contribution towards information, education, economics, politics and more.

It is also considered as the homeland of Hollywood- one of the oldest film industries in the world. The state is widely spread across different contributions that led to the rise in the economy by each passing year.

  • Maryland

The median household income of Maryland- $91,431

Maryland is determined to be the state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is the 8th smallest by land by the richest States in the U.S. On the other hand, we can find that Maryland also had the highest median household income of any state.

Owing to the largest part of its proximity to Washington D.C. The major reason like all others has a diversified economy contributing to manufacturing, retail services, public administration, real estate, education, information technology and more.

It is also one of the sixth states where non-whites compose a majority of the population. Towards the major contribution in different industries, Maryland could able to uplift and highlight towards the top 10 richest states in the U.S.

As per the Census Bureau it was estimated Maryland Howard Country is one of the 6th wealthiest countries in the U.S. It is even further dubbed as an aerospace and defence hotspot.

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  • Connecticut

The median household income of Connecticut- $83,572

Connecticut is the third smallest state when compared in terms of area, 4th most densely populated and is also determined to be one of the Constitution State. Over the years, Connecticut’s capital income got increased by 3%.

This in turn made it rank on top. However, students, and workers from different countries come to Connecticut to study or to work. This has made them to get flourished and even contribute to the economy as well.

This is the way that makes a country or State rank among the richest zone. People holding millions of worth are contributing towards the economy to be in the position or to uphold its position by comparing with the other States as well.

  • Hawaii

The median household income of Hawaii- $92,600

Hawaii is no doubt known for its amazing views, beaches and even for delicious cuisines. To make it withstand in the top 10 richest states in the U.S is tourism that contributes major economy. Likely the majority of the country/states contribute the highest economy by people travelling. 

That means it has gained the 6th spot among the top 10 richest states in the U.S. considered to be one of the tourist paradise and the major economy comes from its attraction. The state further comprises 8 Islands. But that’s not just what it is all about.

It further remains the major exporter of agriculture due to its fertile soil and even uniquely tropical climate. We could say that its economy has gradually diversified since the 20th century. The State tends to attract visitors, surfers, scientists with natural scenery, warm tropical climate, public beaches and even more.

  • New Hampshire

The median household income of New Hampshire- $80,184.

To most of the people who do not know that even New Hampshire come under the top richest states of U.S. With its heavily growing mountains and even forest terrain, New Hampshire contributes the growing tourism sector and outdoor recreation.

It also contains some of the highest ski mountains on the East coast and even the major destination for the winter sport. Now how cool is that, and this is the major reason why New Hampshire has tons of visitors every year.

This led to the leaving behind the greatest economy factor. So, if you are willing to visit New Hampshire then it can give you a lot to explore and even worth your money. One of the major spot is Mount Monadnock – one of the most climbed mountain.

Also with the advent of the technologies, the Granite State has also made use of old mills and even warehouse in smart manufacturing. However, the state economy is majorly relied upon the paper mill.

  • Colorado

The median household income of Colorado- $80,184

Colorado has a diverse landscape and desserts and making it fall under the top 10 richest States in the U.S. You can find most of the Southern Rocky Mountains along with the northern portion. It is considered one of the eight most extensive and 21st populous U.S. states.

The region was earlier inhabited by Native Americans and its Rocky Mountains were the major route for many people. It is spotted as one of the major tourist attractions and contributes to the economy as well.

In addition, its major part of the economy contributes to government and defence, mining, agriculture, tourism and even another kind of manufacturing. Yet at some point in time, the Colorado – forest and agriculture economy is heavily affected by climatic change.

  • Virginia

The median household income of Virginia- $80,615

Virginia is the state in the mid- Atlantic and southern east region of United States. The State capital is Richmond and its most populous city are Virginia Beach. Every year thousands of visitor come to explore Virginia and contributes to the economy. This is the major reason it has also been listed of the top 10 richest states in the U.S.

Its diverse source of income has been counted towards the local, and federal government, the National Science Foundation, and U.S geological Survey. On the other hand, its economy is also pulled with the agriculture industry.


Since GDP is the economic source of measurement- it offers the estimated value of goods and services produced within the country. In turn, it serves as one of the important metres of nations’ wealth economy.

It is typically a calculated economy, which in turn determines the size and growth of the nation’s economy. All of the above States of the U.S. we have mentioned are on the list of top 10. They have different sources of contribution (towards the economy) and in turn, make them withstand or maintain their positions.

However, the United States remains to be one the wealthiest among 195 countries in the world. To this we have represented all of those states covered and how they have maintained themselves to be among the top 10.


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