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10 Best Cities to Visit in the USA

Exploring the Top 10 Cities to Visit in the USA

The most attractive cities to tour in America are full of charisma, remarkable architecture, and a myriad of activities for every type of traveler. From one end of the country to the other there is an impressive variety of urban spots in America. Here we have compiled a list of the top urban areas that should be on your travel bucket list with each offering such unique experiences and attractions that make them must visit destinations.

Here are the Top 10 Cities to visit in the USA: 

  1. New York City

    With its diversity of cultural attractions, culinary scene and iconic sights, it’s no wonder that the largest city in the country heads this list. New York City is a bustling metropolis with something for everyone. In addition to traditional tourist sites such as Central Park and Empire State Building, NYC offers several museums for any vacationist to enjoy. Museums like The Museum Of Modern Art or The Metropolitan Museum Of Art cater to creative minds while transportation enthusiasts can visit The Intrepid Sea, Air And Space.

    New York City brims with energy at night too: from Broadway musicals to lively clubs in East Village. Gourmets will find themselves delighted by its diverse culinary scene varying from some of world’s finest dining establishments to famous street food stands. Whether you choose Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or Staten Island, you will find numerous things entertaining and eye-opening.

  2. Honolulu – Oahu

    If you are torn between a beach holiday and getting out into town then Honolulu is for you as it has both options available in abundance. As Hawaii’s capital city it boasts some of the best beaches including Waikiki Beach which is an icon but also offers lots of history and culture too. For instance Iolani Palace or Bishop Museum highlight Hawaii’s past whereas ceremonies like hi’uwai can help one connect with its spirituality.

    For those who are physically active hiking up Diamond Head State Monument would be quite engaging while food lovers can enjoy anything from local Hawaiian dishes to French gourmet meals here. Such blend of urban and natural features makes Honolulu a great place for those travelers who want to explore different sides of life.

  3. San Francisco, CA

    San Francisco is a beautiful city that was built on huge hills and surrounded by water; it’s also a place of its own kind. For newcomers, it usually doesn’t make sense until they experience it for themselves, but this city can really be cold at times, so never forget to carry a heavy sweater with you regardless of the season. Examples include riding a cable car, taking a day tour to Alcatraz Island, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge or making fun out of the fat sea lions in Fisherman’s Wharf.

    To feel like locals do when in the town one must visit some of SF’s hottest restaurants, catch up with friends at rooftop bar or hike in nature individually. There are many interesting neighborhoods such as Mission District which has vibrant graffiti murals and top rated eateries. Besides this, San Francisco is strategically placed thereby facilitating wine tours in Napa Valley and spending an evening at Ocean Beach.

  4. Portland, OR

    The culture is weird here: Portland boasts crazy creative restaurants, theatre and arts scene; besides that good natural looks are there. Portland has lots to offer but our best activities include exploring the local food scene. Gourmet donuts to food trucks and breweries just around every corner make Portland an epicurean adventure.

    If you want to move around quickly within town grab a bike and go sightseeing through different parks or take a walk through one of its art museums. Urban charm meets nature so effortlessly in Portland that it is now one of the most preferred destinations combining culture with outdoor activities.

  5. Boston MA

    Boston combines history and modernity because it was one of America’s first major cities and remains among the best today. Its federal architecture dates back centuries ago while Frank Gehry had designed some ultra-modern buildings along with Walter Gropius and I.M Pei among others. Do not miss Back Bay row houses which are instagrammable and a must-see for passers-by.

    Visitors can’t leave Boston without trying some of the city’s best raw bars and lobster shacks as this is where you will find everything from chowder to lobster rolls. Moreover, Boston boasts of a rich cultural heritage with such places like Symphony Orchestra, Museum of Fine Arts, Freedom Trail among others. Those who love history or food should make sure they visit Boston.

  6. Seattle WA

    Seattle is the pride of Pacific Northwest with its green parks and never-ending views of Puget Sound. From up here at the top of the iconic Space Needle—a 360-degree spinning atrium with a glass bottom–one can see it all but don’t stop there. The whole city is filled with great restaurants and world-class museums such as Seattle Art museum and Museum of Pop Culture.

    It also houses Dale Chihuly’s Garden and Glass, which is famous for its glass artistry. Although the grunge era that made this place famous has long since passed away, there are still lots of great venues to check out like Neumos or The Showbox. This mix between natural beauty and urban sophistication makes Seattle an ideal destination for dynamic travelers.

  7. Charleston, SC

    Charleston is indeed one of the great cities of America with rich history and a very modern approach to arts, culture and food. For over 350 years people have been flocking to South Carolina’s gem because of its architecture especially churches. Charleston has also recently developed into an amazing destination for epicureans.

    Pavilion Bar gives you a view of the water while Husk will blow your mind with their dinner menu and City Market sells the city’s basket made by sweet grass artists as souvenirs. Charleston is a unique travel experience that combines historical ambience with modern amenities for those who want both active relaxation and passive exhilaration.

  8. New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans is undergoing renaissance after being around for 300 years. The roads may be uneven but that does not matter in comparison to the vibrant local culture and atmosphere. Get dressed up to party in the French Quarter or Marigny at any of the best restaurants in New Orleans. Go to one of New Orleans’ top bars, get a cocktail-to-go in a cup, and listen to live music!

    In Bywater neighborhood you can find cool murals on every block; this area is home to some funky art scene too! Stop off at Bacchanal Wine for noshing on something good, drinkin g wine or beer and listening to live jazz tunes. This mix makes it one American city which cannot be compared with any other due its iconic buildings together with cultural traditions.

  9. Milwaukee,WI

    Milwaukee comes alive during Summerfest, which runs three weekends consecutively from late June through July making it world’s biggest music festival according Guinness book of records. After this event takes place,the city beside Lake Michigan goes insane.The festival features over 600 performers on 12 stages attracting more than 500000 fans.

    Cheese curds, beer breweries and cornhole tournaments juxtapose with Packers mania and a stunning art museum along with the annual Sculpture Milwaukee that take place all over town. Don’t miss Harley-Davidson’s headquarters in this lively, welcoming city – and they have an amazing museum here too.

  10. Salt Lake City, UT

    In Salt Lake City, the snowcapped Rocky Mountains are always visible from wherever you are. They look down on this super clean city with its rolling landscape that is ideal for painting. Besides being a Mormon stronghold, there’s much more happening than meets the eye in this place. Restaurants range from Log Haven, which is one of the best fine-dining places to choose from, to a good selection of ethnic and international restaurants.

    This does not mean you cannot find alcohol in any form or shape around here; actually, it is easier to find than you would think. While touring there, do not forget some outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, and picnicking at Great Salt Lake can be good starters. The combination of natural beauty coupled with urban amenities has made Salt Lake City the perfect destination for individuals who are interested in exploring adventure as well as culture.


Every traveler wants to visit beaches and small towns or even national parks but nothing beats the excitement of going to a new city. Urban escapes come with lights and vibrant neighborhoods that will awaken all your senses and refresh any wanderlust spirit again. The best cities in America provide cultural offerings such as sightseeing options during day time and night life ranging from clubbing spots to casinos. The finest music clubs and galleries/museums worth visiting by art enthusiasts can also be foodies’ paradise through our selected American cities for tourism purposes below.


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