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Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024

10 Best News Anchors in India

There is no doubt that India has many new anchors, but not all make them up to the top list. 

This is not what they will never be on the list, because everyone starts from scratch and reaches height as per their work, determination and more. In short it takes time and one has to keep up patience.

Journalism is all about the practice of gathering the news from all around, verifying them and at last reporting them to the public. No doubt, it is determined to be one of the crucial pillars of democracy and to make this very appropriate News anchor plays a vital role.

Unlock the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024

Keeping citizens informed and engaged on matters of public concern is crucial. Hence, here news reporters play a vital role and they become the voice.

But as we stated above not all can gain the stairs of success very soon or even some. In turn, this combines the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024.

However, as of 2023, there are several news anchors who all have stood our for their credibility as they were easily able to connect with viewers. So, let us here help you to determine the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024 with some information about them.

Ravish Kumar

Channel- (NDTV 24×7)

news anchors in india

To the list of Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024 the first name we have found is Ravish Kumar.

He is one of the well-known news anchors, authors or we can say a great personality. Ravish is known for his powerful voice against (social justice and critical commentary) in India.

But do you know what makes him so prominent within the industry? Well, there are many reasons that we have been able to gather about him.

He is found to be very sharp at the time of news delivery and especially he handles social and political subjects in a quite impressive manner.

Ravish before sharing any of the news, undergoes deep analysis about it and in turn reports to the people.

In addition, he also performs advocacy for social justice. It was found that Ravish’s outspoken nature and critical views have made him to be in the limelight.

Arnab Goswami

Channel- (Republic TV)

indian news anchors

Arnab Goswami is known for his aggressive style of sharing news and even for taking interviews. We all know the fact whenever we are in a job, we have to take control of that respective position in the manner to which it belongs.

When it comes to finding out the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024, we cannot miss your introduce with Arnab Goswami.

He is popular for his loud voice, aggressive style and even questioning. 

Arnab is also a vocal supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

No matter in which style he takes interviews or shares news, his supporters are always in favour of his style and boldness. Since we all know the fact new anchors have to be strong and commanding.

With thisArnab has even faced several challenges and controversies throughout his career. But despite so many controversies, he has been one of the Top 10 News Anchors in India in 2023.

In turn, Arnab continues to rule the news world.

Rajdeep Sardesai

Channel-(India Today)

Top 10 News Anchors in India

If you have been active to listening the news then Rajdeep Sardesai is yet another one of the prominent faces among the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024.

He is one of the top new anchors, author and even a famous television personality. With his years of expertise in journalism, he has established himself as one of the great voices and with his engaging storytelling.

Rajdeep working style has made him one of the top pillars of Indian journalism. He is known for his integrity, critical analysis and even presenting an independent viewpoint which is the utmost necessity for anyone across.

Somehow not many of us can take such a step, but Rajdeep is one of the widely known personalities.

Nidhi Razdan 

Channel-(Formerly NDTV)

female news anchors in india

Nidhi Razdan is one of the famous personalities and her name floats all around the news (journalism) industry. She not only delivers news but holds the power to even support what is right and wrong.

She takes charge of delivering the challenging conventional narratives and this makes her one of the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024.

Nidhi no doubt owns one of the clear delivery and this makes viewers get engaged and in turn, relates even some of the complex topics.

But Nidhi is not only the prominent face in India and understands its subjects. She even holds a strong and diverse experience in understanding international affairs. This in turn adds a charm to her reporting.

Sudhir Chaudhary 

Channel-(Zee News)

indian news anchors

Whenever you will find the list of Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024, you will always find Sudhir Chaudhary. He is also one of the Indian journalists and editor-in-chief of Zee News.

It has been found that news anchors are often aggressive, but this does not indicate their personality. They have to own one of that quality because this is what journalism is all about.

Sudhir Chaudhary is among those who follow an aggressive style of reporting and even asking questions while taking interviews.

To this, Sudhir Chaudhary has even faced several controversies. This kept him in the limelight but all of these did not make him quite his job or take his steps back. 

In turn, this made him to be one of the popular figures among many supporters.

Anjana Om Kashyap 

Channel-(Aaj Tak)

female news anchors in india

Anjana Om Kashyap is another Indian journalist and you must have heard her in Aaj Tak. She holds strong opinions and even commitment to social justice. 

It was found that when she joined Aaj Tak she quickly became one of the popular faces among the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024.

Since every news anchor has a style that cannot be copied and even Anjana Om Kashyap falls into such category.

She is known for her aggressive nature of questioning and even challenging guests. This has made her get praised for the courage that she takes up and in this made her one of the popular faces among the top news anchors.

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Faye D’Souza 


female news anchors in india

Faye being the prominent Indian news anchor is known for her critical questioning. It is because she has a sharp skill to connect with business leaders, politicians and even other powerful figures.

We all know the fact there are some of the news that are complex and it becomes hard to understand. But if you connect with the best news anchor, everything gets simplified.

Faye is one of the news anchors in India as she makes complex topics to be understood easily.

Rubika Liyaquat 

Channel-(ABP News)

female news anchors in india

A former news anchor and one of the public figures in India, Rubika Liyaquat is yet another one of the popular names. If you are looking to know the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024 then Rubika is one of those to fall on top with many.

If you want to join journalism, you need to prepare yourself prepared against so many things. Likely to be on top are so many controversies associated with each one of the anchors.

However, Rubika Liyaquat is one of those names as well, but that does not impact her career or achievements.

She gained recognition for her courage to challenge some renowned figures by raising some the critical questions.

Sreenivasan Jain 


Top 10 News Anchors in India

Sreenivasan Jain is one of the prominent face and an Indian journalist. Initially he began his journalist career with The Times of India, but later he moved to television joining NDTV.

Like all other top news anchors, Sreenivasan Jain is also recognized for his depth analysis, sharp questioning skills and even top-class reporting style. To this, he has also won many awards.

But in 2023, he resigned NDTV and walked ahead towards other journey and joined News24 as Consulting Editor. He has been praised towards his journalism career apart from his aggressive nature to cover stories and even asking questions.

Apart from all of this he is one of the talented news anchors falling among the top 10 names in India.

Shweta Singh 

Channel-(Aaj Tak)

female news anchors in india

Shweta Singh is a news anchor also Senior Executive Editor (special programming of Aaj Tak). She also began her career with Time of India and then later moved to electronic media joining Zee News and then to Aaj Tak.

She covers different types of news but is famous for covering sports-related news in different and unique manners.

Shweta is no doubt one of the strong personalities among the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024. You can find her covering some of the critical critics of the government of India.

This made her even grab millions of followers by combining different social media platforms.


You can find number of news anchors in India, but as we stated above not all can be your favorites or falls among the top 10 category. Since, to make this happen there are number of factors that one has to pass on with like knowledge of diverse media landscape, should own engaging style, confident and even commitment to journalistic honesty.

But by overcoming all of these factors we have found the Top 10 News Anchors in India 2024 mentioned above for you to know about them. All of those have played a crucial role in shaping public revelation.


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