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Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in India 2024

The Overview of India’s Manufacturing Industry

Being a crucial part of the economy, India’s manufacturing sector has been key in the country’s GDP growth and providing employment. The sector has witnessed significant expansion over recent years due to factors such as government initiatives, increased domestic demand and improved global competitiveness. This led to its valuation going beyond $ 600 billion by 2022 implying that its total production value was about $ 550 billion. Similarly, Indian manufacturing exports have also recorded a gradual increase to reach $ 120 billion in 2022. Some major players within this industry include Reliance Industries, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Unilever and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.

Top 10 Best Manufacturing companies in India in 2024


Manufacturing industry in India is an integral building block of the nation’s economy and is essential for economic growth and development. The sector has undergone massive changes making it one of the largest manufacturing destinations worldwide. With modernization in technology across traditional industries as well as contemporary technological driven companies, India’s manufacturing landscape has undergone a huge shift that propels it towards becoming an economic giant. It covers different sectors including automobiles textiles pharmaceuticals information technology engineering goods consumer durables etc., which not only caters for local needs but also contributes greatly to international market share. Moreover, this was given more emphasis through “Make In India’ policy aimed at promoting local production and enhance indigenous manufacturers.

India’s prowess in manufacturing lies in its ability to cope with emerging technologies. Automation integration with artificial intelligence and digitalization have completely revolutionized production systems thus enhancing efficiency accuracy and competitiveness. Besides, there is focus on use of green technologies that are sustainable keeping into consideration the global sustainability goals as well as environmental responsibility issues like pollution management. The growth of this sector has played a critical role in availing jobs particularly across semi-urban areas where poverty reduction and socio-economic change were registered among inhabitants (Sarkar et al.,2019). Equally, manufacturing industry triggers innovation, research and development making India a knowledge driven economy.

Manufacturing companies are at the heart of India’s economic framework as they contribute significantly to its gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign exchange earnings. These firms create significant revenues while being pathways to technology up gradation, skills upgrading, infrastructure development etc. They are not only engaged in production but also serve as drivers of economic growth and get connected to various other ancillary sectors. The importance of manufacturing companies in the economy is seen through the employment opportunities they provide and thus acting as livelihood sources for many people in India. It leads to environmental improvement particularly through the backward and forward linkages with agriculture, services and other industries which make some sort of multiplier effect on the entire economy (Rajput et al.,2019). In addition, these organizations enhance India’s place in world trade by producing goods that match numerous international markets. In this regard, their ability to produce high quality products at competitive prices increase India’s export competitiveness thereby earning foreign exchange reserves leading to economic stability.

Furthermore these companies play a major role in spreading technological change and improving skills base. Investments in research and development encourage innovation aimed at developing sophisticated products that meet changing consumer needs both locally and globally.

Methodology of Choice

Determining the Best Manufacturing Companies

In order to select the top manufacturing companies in India, a holistic assessment has to be done on the various facets of their operations, performance and impact on the industry and economy based on a set of criteria. Some of these criteria include:

Financial Performance: Evaluation of revenue growth, profitability and financial stability over recent years. This would cover complexities such as yearly sales turnover, profit margins as well as overall corporate health.

Innovation and Technological Advancements: This criterion focuses on innovation in production processes, adoption and utilization of leading edge technologies by companies as well as investments made into research and development. It is an indication that they can keep up with modern trends ahead of competition within a highly competitive market.

Market Presence and Global Reach: The company’s share in the market, its presence in domestic as well as international markets will be analyzed including how it goes about expanding into new markets or diversifying its markets.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Examining sustainable practices adopted by firms such as environmental consciousness; CSR initiatives; social responsibility effects including community development efforts like environment conservation; ethical business motives employed.

Operational Excellence and Efficiency: Resources optimization while maintaining high production standards requires assessing operational efficiency measures, supply chain practices used for quality control purposes among others.

Industry Recognition and Awards: Such recognition could be through awards from industry bodies or accolades in manufacturing sector which demonstrate exceptionalism or leadership status respectively.

Employee Welfare and Human Resource Practices: This includes creating a conducive working environment for employees through effective human resource management strategies, promoting welfare activities for employees through enhancing skills training opportunities among other things.

Sources of Information Used During Evaluation

This process involves gathering information from diverse sources that are reliable enough when choosing the best manufacturers in India. These sources are:

Financial Reports and Statements : this entails going through annual reports released by these companies themselves; their annual statements’ analysis alongside disclosures indicating their financial performance and stability.

Industry Reports and Market Analysis: This would entail looking at industry specific reports, market analysis by reputable agencies as well as firms involved in market research that give a wider perspective of the market trends, competition levels and even industry benchmarks.

Government Publications and Regulatory Authorities: There are government publications, regulatory bodies and industry associations from which data on compliance, policies and regulations affecting production can be sought.

Interviews and Expert Opinions: Such discussions may involve talking to professionals within this field like analysts or industrial insiders to give some qualitative insights into these firms’ performance or status in this industry.

Online Databases and Company Websites: The company websites or data bases like Bloomberg, Reuters or even particular investors companies? sites within the internet are used for such details as updated information about them corporate profiles, news releases among others.

By combining these criteria with different sources of information; it is possible to come up with a methodology that helps to identify who should top in manufacturing sector ranking of India giving a more holistic view of how these organizations have performed an influenced the industry as a whole.

The top 10 manufacturing companies in India in 2024 are the following:


Overview, History and Key Products

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) was established in 1966 and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, India. RIL has become the largest private sector company in India. It operates across energy, petrochemicals, textiles, retailing and telecommunications sectors with its major product lines including petrochemicals, polymers, refining & marketing, gas exploration & production and retailing. Its products and services address various sectors such as construction packaging automotive textiles or consumer goods. It is among the top manufacturing companies in India based on its significant contribution to economic growth of this country through technological advancement as well as sustainability.

2024 Achievements and Milestones

RIL had numerous milestones to celebrate in 2024 including increasing its capacity for producing petrochemicals alongside the development of modern polymer products that meet a broad range of demands from different industries. In addition to this achievement, carbon emissions were reduced by large amounts due to sustainable practices adopted by the firm during that year considering how they operated businesswise. This saw very strong growth within RIL’s retail segment with new stores being opened up while digital platforms were used so as to enhance customer reach along with engagement.

Noteworthy Projects/Expansions

Some of the most notable projects undertaken by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in 2024 include the construction of an ultra-modern petrochemical complex which incorporates cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and sustainability; it also extends its renewable energy portfolio by investing into big-scale solar and wind power initiatives aligned with India’s clean energy targets.” Another important outcome of these partnerships is that they have given rise to innovative solutions particularly when it comes to telecommunications industry as well as digital services sector”.



Phone number: +91-22-35555000


Overview, History and Key Products

One of the world’s leading car maker, Tata Motors is also known as a manufacturer of utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defense vehicles. It was founded in 1945 and it is part of the Tata Group, one of India’s largest conglomerates. This corporation operates across more than 125 countries worldwide. The products by Tata Motors are renowned for their affordability, reliability and durability; these products enjoy huge demand from customers as well as governments and businesses. They have been at the forefront of innovation in sustainability. To reduce its impact on environment such as developing electric cars.”

2024 Highlights and Contributions

Tata Motors announced a line-up of new electric vehicles (EVs) in 2024 that were well accepted domestically or globally. In battery advancement technology efficiency energy generation charging infrastructure improvements sectors have been made by company Electric Vehicles economics worldwide this made some significant steps towards electrifying transportation systems throughout the country whilst reducing carbon footprints low-emission neighborhood project starts development process.” Another milestone within this period was an increase in production capacity through expansion into production facilities with advanced automation together with smart manufacturing for improved quality control”.

Technological Advancements/Innovations

Technology wise, Tata Motors has been outstanding this year particularly in relation to electric cars including autonomous ones”. In addition to these features new versions of company’s eco-friendly models have various innovative elements like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sustainable materials connectivity or even renewable sources R&D activities aimed at finding alternative fuels enhancing ecological footprint management policies were among some other initiatives undertaken by management during the year”



Phone number: +91-22-62407101

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, History and Key Products

MSI, subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation is the dominant automobile company in India. MSI has been the leading passenger car manufacturer in India since 1981 with a market share of more than 40%. Maruti Suzuki cars are affordable and dependable; therefore, it has a wide variety of vehicles such as Swift, Baleno, Dzire and Vitara Brezza among others. Since its products are famous for offering value for money, being fuel efficient as well as having low maintenance cost they have become the favorite choice for many Indian families.

Financial Performance and Market Leadership in 2024

Maruti Suzuki continued to consolidate its market leadership position through strong sales figures and solid financial performance in 2024. The successful launch of new models together with good performance by existing ones produced record sales for the company. Furthermore, this strategy has helped strengthen Maruti Suzuki’s dominance over other automakers in the region through consistently widening its distribution network while continuing to improve customer experience and innovative financing solutions.

Customer-Centric Initiatives & Awards

The company launched certain customer-centric initiatives appreciated widely by customers throughout the year under review that improved customers’ satisfaction levels. Among them were improved after-sales services, extended guarantees as well as flexible payment plans customized to suit different customers’ needs. For quality assurance and focusing on consumer fulfillment this corporation has been awarded several times thus gaining trust from people who recognize it worldwide.



Phone number: +91-11-46781000

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Overview, History, and Key Products

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is one of India’s most dynamic fast moving consumer goods companies which started back in 1933. HUL provides varieties of food & beverage items personal care goods home care goods and water purifiers. Some of the popular brands include Lifebuoy, Dove, Surf Excel, Lipton among others. HUL’s products are known for their quality, innovation and commitment to sustainability.

Business Growth and Market Expansion in 2024

For instance, by the year 2024, HUL had pursued business growth and market expansion through acquisition strategies product innovations as well as market penetration. The newly introduced items on the market were tailored to meet changing needs of Indian consumers who were becoming more health conscious as such they focused on wellness aspects that ensured sustainable production. As a result of its extensive distribution network coupled with strong brand equity, HUL has managed to maintain a dominating position within India.

Sustainability Initiatives and CSR Activities

HUL has always been committed to sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR). In order to lower its overall carbon emissions Footprint, improve its access to renewable sources for raw materials and ultimately enhance community welfare; it launched several programs aimed at improving environmental performance during this year. This encompasses an initiative called “Plastic Positive” which is concerned with how new products are manufactured sustainably using less waste plastic packaging materials while promoting recycling initiatives worldwide. Besides that company’s projects on water conservation; renewable energy usage along with rural development have also brought relief in society.



Phone number: +91-22-39830000

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

An overview, history and some key products

In the energy and infrastructure sectors of India, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is one of the largest engineering companies. It was set up in 1964 to specialize in producing power plant equipment, industrial systems as well as transportation systems. The company’s offerings range from steam generators through turbines and transformers to switchgear and railway traction apparatus. BHEL has a rich tradition of producing reliable products with higher efficiencies using advanced technology.

Technological Innovations & Advancements in 2024

By 2024, BHEL had made significant technological advancements and innovations particularly in the renewable energy sector and on energy efficiency issues. The company introduced new products and solutions that catered for demand for clean sustainable energy. These state-of-the-art equipment have enhanced operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact due to research and development efforts.

Key Projects And Global Presence

BHEL has been involved in several key projects during 2024 including large-scale power plants, renewable energy projects and infrastructure development initiatives among others across developing countries. This has also seen successful projects done as well other collaborative ventures globally for BHL. Quality commitment by BHL coupled with their innovative capabilities and client satisfaction helped it earn a good reputation at an international level.



Phone number: +91-11-66337000

Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T)

Overview, History, and Key Products

Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is an Indian multinational conglomerate based company engaged in engineering construction manufacturing technology finance services etc. Founded back then in 1938 L&T has grown into a major player within the civil building industry sector. As part of its business operations L&T manufactures heavy engineering equipment construction machinery electrical automation systems information technology services. L&T has been involved in a number of projects across different sectors such as infrastructure power hydrocarbons defense and aerospace.

Major Achievements and Projects in 2024

L&T achieved several major milestones in the year 2024 including the successful delivery of iconic infrastructural project and overseas expansion. For example, its large-scale projects on urbanization, transportation, and renewable energy were implemented successfully. Such success is fueled by L&T’s strong project management capabilities, engineering expertise as well as technological innovation.

Technological Innovations and Sustainable Practices

L&T has consistently been leading in technology innovation with focus on digitization, automation integration and practices that are sustainable. In 2024, it unveiled several innovative solutions that help to increase efficiency of projects while reducing their environmental impact thus fostering sustainable development. L&T’s belief in sustainability can be found from its efforts to lower carbon emissions conserve resources promote green technologies among others initiatives.



Phone number: +91-22-67525656

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Introduction, History, and Primary Business

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is a top Indian multinational company involved in motor vehicle manufacturing, agriculture, aviation, construction and software development among others. M&M was founded in 1945 and has been known to manufacture innovative products of high quality especially in the automotive sector. This company produces passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors as well as two-wheelers and construction equipment among other things. M&M is a brand of choice for many customers because of its commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability.

Business Performance and Market Leadership in 2024

In 2024, the market dominance of Mahindra & Mahindra continued to grow through strong sales volumes recorded during that year plus good financial performance. Success at the firm has been driven by efforts geared towards the customer such as customer-centered initiatives combined with strategic partners in developing new product offerings that meet customer needs. The refreshing designs of several models from M&M have excited potential buyers from within India and abroad too.

Innovations and Sustainability Initiatives

Mahindra & Mahindra has pioneered innovations and sustainability. During 2024 various advanced technologies were introduced by this organization which made their production processes greener than ever before. With improved range capacity as well as energy efficiency there were brand new EVs in the electric vehicle (EV) segment at M&M’s disposal. Some examples of these programs include carbon footprint reduction, exploring green power options or planning for more efficient extraction methods.



Phone number: +91-22-24901441

Grasim Industries Limited

Outline, Background Information Note And Core Product Lines

Grasim Industries Limited is a key player in India’s economic sector with interests ranging from textiles to chemicals, cement and financial services. Established in 1947, Grasim has built a reputation for itself on the basis of quality that its products are known for. These include viscose staple fiber, cement, chemicals, textiles and financial services. Due to its sustainability practices as well as focus on innovation and quality Grasim has become one of the important contributors in Indian manufacturing.

2024 Highlights and Market Position

In 2024 several developments were made by Grasim Industries which included enlarging capacity as well as introducing new products to its customers. The growth of this company is based on innovation and satisfying clients’ needs thereby allowing it to sustainably compete in the market. Grasim’s financial statements have been impressive featuring strong top line growth alongside profitability.

Technological Advancements and Sustainability Efforts

Grasim Industries has always been at the forefront of technology advancements combined with efforts towards sustainability. In 2024 alone they brought out some innovative solutions aimed at improving product performance, productivity and overall ecological responsibility at large scale operations. Caring about how waste water treatment methods work or what happens with any organic matter produced by a power plant is good for society and industry both.



Phone number: +91-22-66525000

ITC Limited

Overview, History, and Key Products

ITC is a multi-business enterprise located in India, which runs four different business lines. It was founded in 1910 and is known for its various high-quality products and brands like Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Classmate among others (ITC, 2024). The company has been a major player in the country’s manufacturing sector due to its emphasis on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Business Growth and Market Expansion in 2024

In 2024 ITC Limited continued to drive business growth and market expansion through strategic acquisitions, product innovations, market penetration strategies (ITC Annual Report, 2024). New offerings targeting evolving Indian consumers’ tastes patient-oriented healthcare with focus on health as well as well-being were introduced by the corporation. ITC has strongly capitalised on its wide distribution network that has made it dominate the Indian market.

Sustainability Initiatives and CSR Activities

ITC Company has always been committed to sustainability issues concerned with environmental protection besides social activities. In 2024 alone they also launched numerous initiatives geared towards minimizing their ecological footprint; promoting sustainable sourcing and enhancing community wellbeing (ITC Annual Report, 2024). One of them is their newest “Well-being Out of Waste” initiative which has been gaining momentum (WOW) focusing mainly upon reducing waste and encouraging recycling. Some examples of these include water preservation practices by the firm through adopting renewable energy sources as well as support for rural areas among others.



Phone number: +91-33-22889371

Adani Enterprises Limited

Overview, History, and Key Products

It is Adani here! Is that not enough? Actually this organization does have some other name such as Adani Group that was established back in nineteen eighty eight (Adani, 2024). Its products include coal, power, gas, ports & logistics and agri businesses. The company has been a major player in the country’s manufacturing sector due to its emphasis on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Major Achievements and Projects in 2024

In 2024 Adani Enterprises achieved a number of significant milestones including completion of landmark projects and expanding their global footprint (Adani Annual Report, 2024). Major construction projects in areas like urban development; transportations; renewable energy were won by the firm during this period. This growth was made possible through the company’s ability to manage large scale projects within specified time periods that saw them employ project management skills, engineering prowess as well as superior technologies (Adani Annual Report).

Technological Innovations and Sustainable Practices

Through digital technologies integration, automation practices adoption and other sustainable operations Adani Company is leading technological innovator (Adani Annual Report, 2024). In 2024 they introduced some innovative solutions aimed at improving project efficiency; environmental impact reduction as well as promoting sustainable development (Adani Annual Report). Some specific activities that have demonstrated this commitment include reducing carbon emissions by encouraging use of green technology by their stakeholders. They also encourage resource conservation measures.



Phone number: +91-79-25555555


To sum up the best companies or industries for India’s year of strength – the year two thousand twenty-four – such resilience has been an indicator of a new world market brought about by globalization which is heavily reliant on innovations driven by sustainable ideas. In addition to achieving great strides towards business growth and market expansion, these firms have contributed massively to Indian economy as well as society at large. Their quest for advancement in technology coupled with desire to satisfy customers using ecologically friendly means serve as standards for others who might want to emulate them. In the process of India’s growth, these companies will be key stakeholders in determining the future of its manufacturing sector.


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