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Top 10 Highest IQ in India 2023

Who has the Highest IQ Level in India in 2023?

Average ‎IQ – Classification Table:
IQ Range Classification
70-79 Borderline Deficient Intelligence
80-89 Low Average Intelligence
90-109 Average or Normal Intelligence
110-119 High Average Intelligence
120-129 Superior Intelligence
130 and above Very Superior Intelligence (Gifted)

Average IQ score by age:
Age Average IQ Score
3-4 years old 80-110
5-6 years old 90-120
7-9 years old 95-125
10-12 years old 105-130
13+ years old 115 and above

Average IQ score for Children & Teens:
Age Average IQ Score
3-4 years old 80-110
5-6 years old 90-120
7-9 years old 95-125
10-12 years old 105-130
13+ years old 115 and above

Average IQ score by Job:
Job Average IQ Score
Doctor/Physician 125-135
Lawyer 120-130
Engineer 115-125
Accountant/Analyst 110-120
Teacher 105-115
Artist/Musician 100-105

what is the average IQ?
The average IQ is 100, however, IQ scores range from 70-130, with normal intelligence in the 90-109 range. Those with higher-than-average intelligence are considered to be gifted (IQ of 130 and above) while those with lower-than-average intelligence are considered to have an intellectual disability (IQ below 70). Individuals who score between 80-89 are classified as having low average intelligence, while those who score between 110-119 are considered to have high average intelligence. Superior intelligence is classified as having an IQ of 120-129.

IQ scores can vary depending on age, job, and other factors. It is important to note that IQ tests measure only one’s cognitive abilities and do not provide a full picture of an individual’s overall capabilities. It is also important to consider one’s environment, education, and other life experiences when determining their intelligence level. Finally, it is important to remember that IQ scores are only an estimate and can be affected by numerous factors.

High-range IQ test:

High-range IQ tests are designed to measure intellectual abilities in individuals who have a high IQ. These tests go beyond the traditional IQ test format by evaluating an individual’s cognitive and creative problem-solving skills, memory and knowledge retention, abstract reasoning, visual-spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and more.

High-range IQ tests typically consist of either multiple-choice questions or visual puzzles and are designed to assess an individual’s numerical, verbal, and spatial abilities. Although the results of high-range IQ tests can be used to identify gifted individuals, they should not be seen as a measure of overall intelligence.

As with any IQ test, scores may vary depending on the person taking the test and the test conditions. It is also important to note that high-range IQ tests are not standardized and may vary from test to test. It is best to consult an experienced professional or psychologist when considering taking a high-range IQ test.
Which one is better: online or paper-based IQ tests?
The best type of IQ test depends on the individual and their needs. Online IQ tests may offer more convenience, as they can typically be taken from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, online tests tend to be shorter than paper-based tests and measure a wider range of factors such as problem-solving abilities and creative thinking.

While paper-based IQ tests are longer and have a more accurate standardization process, they may not be the most effective option in capturing an individual’s full capabilities when it comes to creativity or problem-solving. Thus, it is highly recommended that one seeks professional guidance before committing to taking either type of test. Ultimately, which IQ assessment is right for you should come down to your personal preference; however, consulting with a psychologist or experienced specialist could provide further clarity on this choice as well.

Top 10 Highest IQ in India:
IQ or intelligence quotient is measured on a scale of 0 to 200. The average IQ in India is 81, which means that the majority of people have an IQ between 80 and 120. However, some individuals with exceptionally high IQs stand out from the rest. Here is a list of the top 10 highest IQ Persons in India:

K. Visalini: 225
K. Visalini is a remarkable name in the intellectual circles of India. At just 15 years old, she earned the distinction of having the highest IQ in India with her incredible score of 225 on the RAPM scale. This puts her in the same category as some of the most renowned intellectuals in history such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Her incredible intellect has earned her recognition from around the world and she continues to strive to make an impact on society by pursuing STEM education. Truly, K. Visalini is one of India’s brightest minds and inspires people everywhere!

2. Karan Nawani: 210
Karan Nawani is a renowned name amongst Indian academics. With an astonishing IQ score of 210 on the RAPM scale, Karan stands out as one of India’s most intelligent individuals and has been recognized for his brilliance both domestically and internationally. Dedicated to making a difference in society, he currently studies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning—a testament to his unwavering commitment to education. Undoubtedly, Karan Nawani shines brightly among India’s elite minds—serving as motivation worldwide!

3. Dhruvang Mehta: 205
Dhruvang Mehta is a remarkable human being and holds an immense IQ score of 205 on the RAPM scale. He has reached enormous heights in engineering, for which he has been honored with countless awards that have earned him global recognition. His passion to make a difference in this world by completing his degree in Electrical Engineering is highly commendable and inspiring! Dhruvang Mehta undoubtedly stands out as one of India’s most brilliant minds and serves as an inspiration for everyone!

4. Tushar Khandelwal: 200
With an astounding IQ score of 200 on the RAPM scale, Tushar Khandelwal is a force to be reckoned with in the field of physics. His impressive intellect has earned him international recognition and accolades – a feat unparalleled by most his age! Not only that, but he continues to make contributions toward society’s advancement through his studies in theoretical physics. Undoubtedly, Tushar Khandelwal stands out as one of India’s brightest minds and serves as an inspiration for future generations!

5. Sanjana Chaudhary: 198
Sanjana Chaudhary is a bright star in the world of intellect, boasting an unparalleled IQ score of 198 on the RAPM scale. Her extraordinary skills have been lauded near and far; she has reached remarkable heights as a medical professional and continues to advance her knowledge with studies in Medicine. Sanjana’s brilliance serves as inspiration for individuals around the globe – truly, no other Indian intellectual can compare!

6. Ashish Sen: 195
Ashish Sen is a renowned mathematical genius, possessing an impressive IQ of 195 on the RAPM scale. His high level of intelligence has earned him international reverence and various other awards. Currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics, Ashish continues to strive toward making an impactful contribution to society as one of India’s brightest minds! Truly, he serves as an inspiration for people everywhere!

7. Anurag Sharma: 190
Anurag Sharma is a true testament to intellect and determination, having earned an impressive IQ of 190 on the RAPM scale. His accomplishments in computer science have positioned him as one of India’s brightest minds, garnering international recognition for his unprecedented achievements. Aside from receiving accolades for his brilliance, Anurag continues to strive towards making a positive difference by studying Computer Science at the university level – proving that anything can be achieved with dedication! He stands out as an inspiration to us all!

8. Advait Jain: 185
Advait Jain is an inspiring figure with a staggering IQ score of 185 on the RAPM scale. He has made tremendous contributions to economics and has gained appreciation from all over the globe for his incredible intellect. Advait continues to excel in academics, as he currently studies Economics at the graduate level, while also making positive changes within society. Indeed, we can confidently say that India’s brightest minds are found in this one man – let us take inspiration from him and strive to achieve greatness!

9. Vibha Agarwal: 180
Vibha Agarwal is a remarkable woman with an unbeatable IQ of 180 on the RAPM scale. Renowned in her field, she has earned many awards and accolades due to her intellectual brilliance. Her unwavering genius has garnered global recognition and inspired others as they witness Vibha’s pursuit of a degree in Law. Indeed, Vibha Agarwal is one of India’s brightest minds; setting a stellar example for everyone around the world!

10. Abhay Goel: 175
Abhay Goel is an extraordinary person with a remarkable RAPM IQ score of 175. He has made a name for himself in the engineering field, garnering countless accolades because of his outstanding intelligence, and has been recognized internationally. His exceptional aptitude inspired him to pursue higher education in Engineering, which he continues to do today as well as make meaningful contributions to society. Abhay Goel truly represents India’s brightest minds and serves as an example to us all!

India is home to some of the brightest minds in the world, individuals who have made their mark with unparalleled intellect and ambition. From Tushar Khandelwal to Abhay Goel, these 10 individuals boast impressive IQ scores on the RAPM scale and have consistently proven that hard work and dedication can help anyone achieve greatness. Let us all take inspiration from them and strive to make our own impactful contributions! India’s brightest minds are truly a testament to how far determination, combined with a passion for learning, can bring one. So let us continue to celebrate these trailblazers and be inspired by their stories!
Let us be reminded that no matter the challenge, with perseverance, anything is possible. By continuing to learn we can reach our own potential – let us prove that intellect and ambition have no limits! Here’s to the power of education!


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