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Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024

Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024

Do you know Indian Aerospace is on the rise, but this is mainly because of the different initiatives taken by the government the respective industry is shaping up rapidly.

This in turn enables companies to shape themselves and grow at a much more rapid pace. But among different companies, who are the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024?

If you are looking to uncover them, then we will help you to determine the complete information with us here. But before that let us give me more about aerospace companies- on how they are growing?

Snapshot of the aerospace industry in India 2024

It has been found that the Indian aerospace industry is focusing on exports. This is mainly happening by undertaking the benefits of utilizing the talent of engineers and even cost to easily supply components and services to global aerospace manufacturers.

With this Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India, 2024 are also increasingly investing towards research and development. This is mainly to develop technologies and capabilities in different areas like space exploration, aircraft design, avionics and more.

Efforts are being made continuously to enhance the skills level of the workforce in the aerospace sector with the help of training to even shape up the industry.

Hence, by considering all of these stats, let us now drive you towards the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024, making names and in turn delivering the utmost benefits to the industry.

  1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
    Aerospace Companies in India
    On the top of the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024, HAL is one the true aerospace companies established in 1940.

    Their main domain is the designing, development, and manufacturing of aircraft, aerospace, helicopters, and even engines. HAL has shaped the aerospace industry with their skills and expertise.

    Talking about their products, HAL has been known to manufacture a wide range of military aircraft for many years now.

    They are also the major producer of helicopters and one of those is Dhruv and the Light Combat Helicopter.

    Along with this various aerospace products like avionics, instruments, and accessories are also being developed.

    HAL no doubt comes within strategic importance in India. Furthermore, they also focus on indigenous development of advanced technologies like the Tejas fighter jet and the LCH helicopter. But their collaboration with international partners is also making them grow even faster.

  2. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
    Aerospace Companies in India

    Next on the list of Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024 is Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL).The company is determined to be another pillar of Indian domestic defence production. It is determined to be a government-owned company established in 1954.

    BEL mainly focuses on manufacturing advanced electronic products, and other systems for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

    If we talk about their products then they are radars, communication systems, electronic warfare systems (jammers, decoys) and even other products like simulators or electronic components.

    It has been found that BEL is playing a vital role towards reducing India’s reliance on foreign sources for defence electronics. However, BEL’s continuous innovation and development are positioning them well towards future growth.

    They are also emphasizing self-reliance and even import substitution aligned with the government to make the defence industry stronger.

  3. BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd
    Aerospace Companies in India

    BrahMos is determined to be India’s missile technology and this makes it to be within the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024.They mainly specialize in the development, production, and even marketing of supersonic cruise missiles.

    There is no doubt that BrahMos missiles are significantly boosting the Indian defense industry. But alongside them they are also an important part towards protecting security and shaping up the world.

    Further, it has been found that BrahMos Aerospace is actively involved in developing BrahMos-II- one of the hypersonic cruise missiles with much greater speed and even range.

    Also, BrahMos-II has gathered international interest and this could export a significant revenue stream.

  4. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)
    Aerospace Companies in India

    ISRO is considered to be one of the crucial companies when you take the name of the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024.They were established in 1969, and it is one of the primary space agencies of the Indian government. 

    The company mainly functions under the department of space and is also overseen by the Prime minister.

    When we talk about the core responsibilities, then ISRO superheads India’s exploration space. This mainly directs the mission to the moon, mars and even more.

    ISRO designs, builds, and launches a variety of satellites for a variety of purposes. These mainly include communication satellites, remote sensing, navigation and even earth observation satellites.

    In addition, the ISRO space mission along with the satellite program has direct an advancement in Indian science and technology.

    ISRO satellites are also playing a vital role in different sectors like telecommunication, disaster management, weather forecasting, and even resource management.

    There is no doubt that ISRO has multiple other plans for the future and in turn will shape India’s position as one of the leading space powers.

  5. Lockheed Martin India Pvt Ltd
    Aerospace Companies in India

    Lockheed Martin India is bringing a global perspective to the Indian aerospace industry.This covers up the advanced technology solutions in different areas like  Aeronautics, Missiles, and even Rotary and Mission Systems. 

    Lockheed Martin India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin and is actively seeking partnerships with Indian companies.

    This is mainly to promote co-development or co-production of defence equipment. One of the notable examples we can see is Tata Advanced Systems Limited.

    Besides this, it has also been found that Lockheed Martin India is reportedly one of the strong contenders for India’s next-generation fighter program.

    Mainly this program offers significant economic benefits with the help of job creation and even technology transfer to India.

  6. Boeing India Pvt Ltd
    Aerospace Companies in India

    One of the major players with a presence in the Asian nation has been found to contribute majorly towards Indian aerospace.Operating for quite long years now, they focus on both commercial and defence aviation needs.

    Mainly Boeing India‘s collaboration with Indian companies towards manufacturing certain parts or components for aircraft is being undertaken. They also might be involved in joint research and development with Indian institutions and even companies.

    When it comes to determining growth and development, collaboration can help to boost the Indian aerospace industry.

    Besides this their focus areas are- aerostructures, avionics.

  7. Mahindra Aerospace
    Aerospace Companies in India

    Mahindra Aerospace is yet another of the big names under the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024.They are part of the Mahindra Group conglomerate and take multiple approaches towards the Indian aerospace sector.

    Mahindra Aerospace caters to the development and even production of special-purpose vehicles.

    This includes Light utility aircraft and Special mission aircraft. In addition, they have a dedicated aerostructures facility that manufactures metallic aircraft parts and assemblies.

    This in turn allows them to easily contribute to the production of larger aircraft for other companies.

    Mahindra Aerospace’s investment in UAV technology positions them well in future.

  8. Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)
    Aerospace Companies in India

    TASL is a subsidiary of Tata Sons and they are the major force towards shaping the Indian aerospace and even defense landscape.TASL has skilled experts and engineers who can easily design and develop critical systems for aerospace applications.

    In addition, TASL also manufactures tools and equipment required for the in-house production of aerospace components.

    They have also designed and developed mine-protected vehicles that tend to offer superior protection for troops and in combat zones. When it comes to developing advanced missile systems they are boosting advanced missile systems.

    TASL’s commitment towards the strategic partnership positioned them as one of the key players in India’s journey to become a self-sufficient force.

  9. Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL)
    Aerospace Companies in India

    Bharat Dynamics Ltd is proven to be one of the top companies among the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024.Established in 1970, is one of the public sectors undertaking the ministry of defense (Government of India).

    Mainly, BDL specialize in the manufacturing of guided missiles and even the other associated equipment needed for the operations.

    In short, their products are Missiles, Launchers, Control Systems. In turn, BDL plays a critical role in reducing India’s dependence on foreign suppliers as they have their domestic development and making them grow faster.

    Further, BDL is continuously working on the modernization of their facilities and expansion of their production companies.

  10. Airnetz Aviation Pvt Ltd
    Aerospace Companies in IndiaThe last in the list of Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024 is Airnetz Aviation Pvt Ltd. It is one of the private companies established in 2008 and their primary expertise is towards Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul service for aircraft.

    There is no doubt that Airnetz Aviation is playing a crucial role in shaping the aviation ecosystem.

    Also, Airnetz operates in multiple locations as well and they are contributing to the smooth functioning of India’s aviation sector.


As of 2024, it has been found that Indian aerospace is significantly increasing or growing at a rapid pace. But among many of those, there are several key players in the market giving notable contributions.

Hence, they all are under the Top 10 Aerospace Companies in India 2024 we have mentioned above right from the innovation to research and development.

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