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Mobile on EMI

Mobile on EMI 

Finding the right mobile can be a Herculean effort, given that there are so many options from the top brands in the market. So how do you choose the right one? Firstly, we need to consider a couple of factors, starting with what is the main purpose you want to fulfil. Whether you want a gaming phone, a vlogging phone, or a great camera phone. Many options give you a combination of all of these many factors too. Some of the other factors to consider include price, storage and RAM, processor, etc. So let’s see some of the top mobiles in the market. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Flip 3

Samsung has always provided us with some of the best mobiles in the market that come in various price ranges, catering to various budgets. The highlighting factor of the Flip 3 is that it has a flexible body that facilitates the phone’s folding. The device is flexible to fold into a compact square shape, making it exceptionally travel-friendly and easy to carry around. Other features include a double back camera system, excellent battery life, and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Price: Rs. 49,999* on Samsung

  • iPhone 14 Plus 

The iPhone 14 Plus is one of the most recent models in the market. The camera specs are a feature that stands out in all iPhone models. With unique and state-of-the-art characteristics, the iPhone 14 Plus’s camera specs are one of a kind. It has a cinematic mode allows you to record in 4K resolution. With a dual-camera system and an ultra-wide camera, the iPhone 14 Plus captures top-notch pictures even in low light conditions.

Although the price might be on the higher side, it gives excellent value for money. Now with the EMI mobile option, you can purchase your favourite iPhone 14 model and pay back in instalments.

Price: Rs. 1,09,999* on Amazon

  • OnePlus Nord 2T   

The Nord series of OnePlus houses some of the best models in terms of features, design, and price. The Nord 2T comes with a brilliant set of features at an affordable price. A beautiful design that lets you carry the device everywhere in style, a processor that delivers seamless performance, and a brilliant camera system that helps bring out the photographer in you. 

Price: Rs. 28,999* on Amazon

  • Google Pixel 7 

Durability, reliability, and seamless performance sum up the Google Pixel 7. The Pixel series from Google has given us some of the top models of Android phones in the market, packed with unique and distinctive features. The 7 series houses the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro and lives up to the brand’s expectations and standards. It has a contemporary design, a robust processor, 5G connectivity, and a vast storage capacity. 

Now with the EMI Shopping app, you no longer have to worry about budget constraints holding you back from purchasing your preferred Pixel phone. 

Price: Rs. 47,820* on Amazon

  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

With cutting-edge technology and a streamlined design, the Edge 30 Ultra is one of the best mobiles in the market. A 6.67 inch and Full HD display allows you to stream your shows and movies in top-notch quality. It has an excellent battery life with a 4610mAh Lithium battery. A 60MP front camera captures all your selfies in brilliant quality, and a triple main camera system lets you capture every moment in detail and style. With the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra EMI Mobile option, you can purchase the Edge 30 Ultra in a pocket-friendly fashion. 

Price: Rs. 54,999* on Amazon

That brings us to the end of the list! You can purchase the phone of your choice from your preferred brand with ZestMoney’s EMI Shopping app without worrying about breaking the bank! You can also purchase from any retailer, including Amazon, Croma, Samsung and Reliance Digital.     

*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers. 


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