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What is Fixed Deposit: Interest Rates, Types, Features & Benefits

Fixed Deposit: What is it? Interest Rates, Types, Features & Benefits.

FDs are one of the most preferred investment options in India and offer stability, safety and attractive returns. Whether you’re new to investing, this simple post might help you make better decisions. It gives a brief account of these deposits, some great rates on FDs available in India, different types of FDs as well as their benefits. So here we go!

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a financial product offered by banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) where an individual can deposit lump sum amount for fixed tenure and earn predetermined interest rate on such deposits. The principal plus interest is repaid to the investor at maturity while the deposit remains locked-in till then.

FD Interest Rates

The fixed deposit rates may vary between institutions depending on factors such as the tenor period or liquidity issues relating to the institution or monetary policies by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), among others. Therefore, comparing various institutions’ interest rates will aid in maximizing your returns. ICICI Bank offers competitive fixed deposit interest rates which promise good returns for investors; besides senior citizens get 0.5% more than what is paid to a normal depositor for same period in several banks including ICICI Bank.

Types of FDs:

In order to tailor their products to meet their customers’ particular financial needs and objectives, financial institutions have redesigned them accordingly thus resulting into various types of FDs.

1. Regular FDs: This type involves putting a lump sum investment for a period during which they will earn some income based on that simple principle. These interest rates are set throughout the term and remain unchanged over its entire duration.

2.Tax-saving FDs: These tax-saving account holders can claim deductions of up to INR 1.5 lakh for investments made under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.  This means that such accounts have a lock-in period of five years.

Key Features of FDs:

1. Fixed Tenure: Bank fixed deposits have a tenure that ranges from few days to several years, depending on the investor’s financial goals and liquidity requirements.

2. Assured Returns:  Fixed Deposits give an assured return to their investors as interest rates are determined at the time of deposit thus making it easy for them to manage their finances properly and get consistent returns.

3. Flexible Interest Payment Options: Investors can choose between monthly, quarterly, yearly or cumulative options where compound interest is included with maturity value.

4.Loan against FD: People can take loans against their own fixed deposits during emergencies which help them meet immediate cash needs without breaking their fixed deposit prematurely.

Benefits of FDs:

Irrespective of what kind of FD you may opt for, it will definitely do something good for you in many ways.

1.Stable and Secure Investment: These are preserved investments with secured interests by nature since they provide guaranteed returns (principal repayment). That is why they are ideal for conservative investors because they do not fluctuate due to market changes.

2. Regular Streams of Income: Those who want a regular income stream can go for fixed deposits with interest payouts that are periodic, thus satisfying monthly expenses or fulfilling financial commitments.

3. Liquidability: Although FDs are time-bound, they have premature withdrawal options that make them liquidable. It allows flexibility in case there is an emergency need to use money even if it may attract a penalty.

4. Differentiation of Portfolio: Diversification as an investment tool is important when people try their best to balance their investments with FDs. By allocating part of their investment into FDs, individuals are able to reduce risks normally associated with other investments.

5. Higher Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens: Some banks offer preferential rates to make fixed deposits more attractive to senior citizens. This helps senior citizens.

6. Ways of Preserving Funds Against Inflation: There is no better way of hedging against inflation than investing in fixed deposits (FDs). The funds received from FDs assists in preserving the purchasing power of money as cost of living goes up over time.

7. Quick Access to Account Statements, Interest Certificates and Other Information Pertaining to the FD Account:

Easy To Open And Operate: Opening an FD account is hassle free; do it online or visit the bank branch. Managing the FD becomes easy once you open one; you can get account statements, interest certificates and others quickly on request.

How To Open An Fd Account:

Financial institutions enable customers to open an FD both online and offline for instance you can open an ICICI Bank FD through their website, iMobile Pay App, customer care and nearest branch around you this is also applicable to most leading FS providers almost all leading FS providers operate the same way.To begin considering opening a FD account these steps will guide you through;

1) Visit your preferred depository’s official website then go on “Fixed Deposits”, which should be on its homepage menu itself.

2) Choose the type of FD you want to open – regular FD or tax-saving FD.

Enter deposit amount and tenure, then select interest payment frequency.

3) Give your personal and contact details, including PAN and Aadhaar card information.

Review the terms and conditions then submit the application.

4) Make deposit by transferring money from your saving or current account or through a payment instrument

5) Confirmation will be sent to you when the deposit has been processed. The FD receipt is attached alongside it.

Reliable And Secure

6. As an investment option that provides stability, security, good returns; fixed deposits (FDs) are reliable. Whether one is involvement in a short-term investment or planning for long-term financial objectives; there are several advantages which come with investing in fixed deposits (FDs).

7. Most Competitive Fixed Deposit Interest Rates; Flexible Tenure Options And Assured Returns For Maximizing Your Fd Investments:

Reliable And Secure

FDs are secure investments with guaranteed returns that offer stability. Short-term investments as well as long term financial goals can be met using FDs among other benefits they pose to interested clients:

Most Competitive Fixed Deposit Interest Rates; Flexible Tenure Options And Assured Returns For Maximizing Your Fd Investments:

Take your time to research and compare different banks’ offerings against each other so that you can identify the accompanying deposit that suits your end plans. Start today and enjoy a safe and remunerative return on investment that comes along with peace of mind while sleeping at night.

The information in this blog is not financial advice, but is provided for educational purposes only. Before making any investment decisions, it is advisable to seek the services of a qualified financial adviser or carry out your own research.


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