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Chase Mortgage Rates

If you count the top American banks then you will find Chase falling (among the top four) along with a strong presence. It tends to offer different types of mortgages that you or your close ones might be looking for.

This means it majorly includes:

  • Fixed rates
  • Jumbo
  • Adjustable rates
  • VA mortgage and more

However, we all know the fact that whenever we take a loan we have to undergo a desired rate of interest. Now this is the stage where we need to look closely. It’s the loan amount plus the interest rate that you will have to pay, so your decision should be wisely.

Among the top 4, we are therefore here to let you uncover the chase mortgage rates. So, let us help you to determine all of those for you.

About Chase Mortgage

Talking about the Chase mortgage rates they have released the 15-30yr fixed mortgage rates along with 5/1 and 7/1 adjustable-rate. It comes with different loan facilities of different types.

Here, Chase will allow its users to finance up to 85% of the home value (this comes with a Jumbo mortgage).

They come in 15, 20, 30 years of fixed variation. This is also along with 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 ARMs too. But to qualify any one of these your loan amount should not be less than $647,200.

On the other hand, DreaMaker and FHA loans are quite similar. Each one of them allows for loans to be had with a down payment of around 3%.

Here, we will let you undergo the chase mortgage rates in a much-cleared state.

Home purchase chase loan options

Chase has different mortgage options with different annual percentage rates. Let us help you to find all of those in detail.

Chase DreaMaker

It comes with a down payment option that is as low as 3% and also low monthly payments. This is with 30 years of fixed rate. But to get this loan type you will have to meet some criteria.

In addition, you can also receive $500 after completing an education course.

DreaMaker mortgage is only available for those who are buying or want to do a no cash-out refinance.

FHA Loan

This is a government-insured mortgage that offers a down payment as low as 3.5%. Federal administration loan comes with 15, 20, 25 or 30-year term and comes with fixed interest rate.

You do not have to come with any specific requirement to qualify for this type of loan.

All you need is to pay the monthly mortgage insurance for the duration of the loan.

VA Loan 

To apply this type of loan you must be a veteran/ active duty service member. This type of Chase mortgage comes with a low interest rate and zero down payment option. Also, it does not require monthly mortgage insurance.

VA loans are available for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30-year terms.

Jumbo Loan

Chase has the facility to offer a loan that goes above FHFA (up to $ 9.5 million). If you are looking for a greater loan amount higher than 2 or 3 million (you will have to meet certain requirements).

Loans here up to 80% of the home value are available either on purchase or refinance and with no cash back facility. All you need is to own a good credit score.

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Standard Agency Mortgage

Another type of loan and Chase mortgage rates comes with standard agency mortgage. The loan only requires a minimum 3% down payment. So, if you have a good credit score then you can easily consider the loan type.

Chase has the facility to offer loan amounts to qualified borrowers. It with the help of the program offers a quite decent loan amount. This means in the case of a Jumbo loan borrowers can take a minimum of $500,000 (Chase) and in JP Morgan deposit or wealth management gets a discount of 0.125%.

On the other hand, Chase has 3 different paths for customers as well (in the case of refinancing loan options). Let us tell you those as well.

Three top refinancing loan option

For all of the Chase customers or visitors, you have 3 refinancing loan options available for you.

  • Cash-out Refinance

It lets you pay off your current mortgage and also create a new one. This will let you keep part of your home’s equity (towards home improvement or other relevant expenses).

  • Fixed-rate

Offering a consistent rate of interest till the time you have the loan amount, rather than the rate that adjusts to the market. That indicates your mortgage payment will remain consistent but the fixed rate will be higher in this case.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgage

Offer a low-interest rate for a limited set of periods that initially equals the lower EMIs. An adjustable-rate mortgage has an interest rate that remains the same for some time and later changes to a variable rate.

This means Chase offers 7/6 ARM (initially) for 7 years and later resets for every 6 months (after that for the life of the loan).

How to Apply for Chase Mortgage Rates?

When you are looking to apply for the Chase mortgage loan then it can be accomplished by reaching their website. There you will be directed to the steps you need to follow and get started.

All you need is to create an account and get started filling up the necessary details asked in the application form to proceed with the loan.

In addition, you will have to be prepared with some of the major documents that include:

  • Your recent monthly income slip.
  • W-2 form (showing your employment for the last 2 years).
  • Bank account statement (last 3 months).
  • Home purchased contract (signed by you and seller).
  • Form 4506-C (tax return).

Once you collect all of the necessary documents and submit them as requested then your loan application process will be proceeded ahead. This way you will be able to determine whether you are eligible for a chase mortgage loan or not.

However, we have mentioned different types of loans and their rate of interest. All you need is to read them all before proceeding and make a sound decision.


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