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The 21 Best Websites to List Your Rental Property

The 21 Best Websites for Advertising Your Rental Property

How you show these rental homes depends on which website is the greatest. And yet, with all of the platforms that have sprung up to connect landlords and tenants in recent years, it can be difficult to decide which site is right for your rentals.

Below are 21 easy-to-use websites that you can use to advertise rental property:

1. Cirtru

Listing a rental property on Cirtru is quite simple . You go through a few steps starting from location and details about the place. After you enter this information, quote rent amount, deposit as well as lease period you want to lease out your home for. With virtual tours of verified houses and rooms listed on Cirtru, you may easily rent an entire house or post a room for rent safely at home.Cirtru helps find perfect tenant match for renting out your property so no more settling for less.

2. Zillow

Posting on either Trulia, Zillow or HotPads will list your rental property on all three networks since they are owned by Zillow Group.Besides,Zillow also offers online rent payment options,internet renter screening,and customizable lease templates.You may need to pay some fee before listing your rental properties with them depending upon where they are located.In states where such payments are required however,you can initially advertise your rental house free of charge within 30 days after which you will be billed $9.99 per listing per week.

3. Trulia

It’s well-known that Trulia covers wide area similarly as its owner does (Zillow Group). For finding new renters online Realtor.com offers consumer advertising products like Dotloop,Mortech,ShowingTime,Bridge Interactive and others that enable brokers make the most of business opportunities & interact with millions of customers including posting rental property.

4. Hotpads

This site protects potential renters from possible scammers (as a landlord, you must first prove your identity). This site automatically notifies tenants when new listings that fit their search requirements come up. As a landlord, this software can be useful to help you get the most qualified leads in touch with you right away after renting out your property.

5. Apartments.com

Apartments.com has high traffic due to its domain name. 35 million potential renters visit them per month according to the site. The listing is basic and free at its very essence. However, landlords can also pay for premium advertising which places rental property in large ads on top of search engines for 30 days.

6. Rentals.com

This website concentrates specifically on family rentals including townhomes, single-family homes and condominiums. Thousands of the most recent realty postings are available for viewing on this webpage.Thus,you can decide what means more to you narrowing down available options further.Besides,this results in fully completed applications and data generated & shared with landlords in real-time.The effect is such that it substantially reduces cycle times while allowing renters to receive a decision within hours rather than days.

7. Rent.com

This website targets young adults between ages 18 and 25 who have not yet moved into their own apartment.Rent.com utilizes cutting-edge online and mobile solutions offering prospective renters relevant information about an apartment that suits their lifestyles.

8. Apartment List

The model of Apartment List is unique because it charges the fee only when your apartment listing is successful. In addition, potential tenants take a survey on the website about their rental preferences. As per Apartment List, these targeted outcomes improve compatibility and lead to happier tenants who are more likely to renew so as to help you lease your property.

9. Zumper

Zumper serves both landlords and renters with its service. It uses two-way matching allowing tenants’ search for properties based on their top criteria while also permitting listing owners to set minimum credit ratings for applicants. Besides posting for free, anything you list on their site will be automatically added to PadMapper.

10. Realtor.com

Realtor.com may seem more tilted towards buying and selling homes than renting them out. Nonetheless, by partnering with Avail, they allow homeowners to list rental properties at no cost and manage them too. Avail syndicates its listings with a dozen of top-tiered listing platforms.

11. Apartment Finder

Apartment Finder advertises itself as a place where renters can find the best rates available anywhere in town. The items listed on this site are classified with badges indicating when prices come down, or that a unit is classified for less rent than any other unit in an upper tier community or that there may be incentives like free TV or discounted rents.

12. Airbnb

Instead many travelers look into peer-to-peer short-term rental firms such as Airbnb. It’s free to list and you may accept or deny guests whenever you want to do so yourself. Prior to picking your rental price check competing listings in your area by assessing what’s going on in the marketplace regarding prices of rentals there Cleaning costs, higher electricity bills, taxes including Airbnb’s hosting fee amounting 3% for payment processing should all be factored into hosting a rental property.

13.] RentCafe

RentCafe only accepts direct listings from property managers themselves’. Renters can use RentCafe for managing their space during the course, such as scheduling maintenance or make lease renewals.

14. RentDigs

During this time, RentDigs has many of the same attributes as other platforms, like landlord ads and syndication to other sites including Trovit.com, Oodle.com, Mitula.com, claz.org and RentJungle.com. However it also contains some unique features wherein you are able to find out who sees your rental posts without registering in order for prospective renters to browse the site.

15. Avail

Avail brings potential renters to your listings better than anyone else does. HotPads alone accounts for more listings made on Avail than any other service like Zillow, Trulia Apartment List etc. You can list your rental property with Avail completely free of charge and after you answer a few simple questions about it; the site will even create a listing description for you automatically.

16. PadMapper

PadMapper is an amazing website that has advanced features like being able to “enhance” even a grainy photo of your rent apartment. Additionally it’s free to post rental property here and all pads on PadMapper also go onto Zumper.

17.] Streeteasy

If you are a homeowner looking forward to posting a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) ad on StreetEasy then their ‘Owner Tools’ will help sell your home faster.There’s two pricing options:

$599 for four weeks

$799 for four weeks with a Featured status.

18.) Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social media networking site. It does everything other social media sites do such as post pictures, message directly, make posts, share, comment and like . As a resident within the neighborhood, you can list your house under ‘For Sale Free’ category.

19. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is not your standard rental listing website but it is great at boosting visibility of rental listings. The site is known for quick responses to rental ads. Landlords can look at applicant’s profiles to determine who exactly responded to their ad (and that they are not scammers).

20. Facebook Groups

Facebook has numerous real estate related groups where agents work with members of tech, marketing and business community. Whether you are a beginner in real estate or an expert, participating in these Facebook groups will help you grow your business.

21. Craigslist

Craigslist is arguably the most famous site for rentals (or finding a couch or job), but it also lacks any sort of regulation; the place to go if you want free and easy listing for apartment owners (if you’re one). In this case of this guide we advise that if you are going to list a home on it then clearly state in your advertisement what people need to know about this process of looking at houses so that prospective renters can tell which landlord is real in contrast with those pretending.


One of the hardest parts about leasing out property is figuring out where to find renters. As a homeowner trying to get as many leads as possible makes sense because you want some control over who rents from you. For this reason , ensuring one’s property appears on top websites that generate good leads for tenants should be emphasized upon during its listing.


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