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How to Ensure Success in Internal Audit in An Accelerated Environment

How to Ensure Success in Internal Audit in An Accelerated Environment

Our world is rapidly changing. 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and design. The delivery of goods is changing thanks to automated drones. Big data analytics allows users to search through huge amounts of data and uncover new insights. The cloud and mobility are changing the way we work. The Internet of Things connects people with devices in exciting new ways. These changes have also had an impact on internal audit.

However, these changes have caused risks to rise and change at alarming rates. What does this all mean for internal audit firms in Dubai and other users of financial statements? Is it possible to keep doing things the same way as before or adapt quickly to new situations? Do we focus on the past and the consequences of our actions, or do we look backwards, assessing the risks that were present, or on insight on managing risks today, and foresight (anticipating the risks of tomorrow?)

There is a need of great importance for internal audit service UAE teams to be able to carry out internal audit process quickly to reduce risk. 

What can internal audit companies in UAE and financial experts do to create and preserve value within their organizations?

These are the five keys to success that internal audit firms in Dubai recommend for Dubai, UAE company teams in Audit Management Solutions and Implementations.

Success is Defined

It may seem obvious but many projects don’t have a clear vision of success. It is crucial for internal audit services in UAE to understand what drives the implementation and what they are trying to achieve in business terms. What they will use to measure company success. This is how certified internal audit in Dubai will measure success. How will internal audit experts know when they have succeeded?

Prioritize Your Needs and Wants

No matter which Audit Management system is chosen, there are many configuration options. Many organizations in Dubai and UAE get so caught up in the functions that they forget to look at the business perspective. 

These are the questions that you should ask. What is most important for you and your company? What are the most important aspects of your strategic and operational processes? These are the areas that you should be focusing your efforts on. Keep in mind what will simplify people’s lives. A simpler interface means greater user adoption. This is crucial for long-term success.

Document Your Business Processes, And Identify Them

Software systems are critical for business processes. Audit Management Systems that are best offer flexibility in implementation. Many systems can handle complex business processes. The configuration of the process you want in your system will determine the success of your project. It is best to plan and document your process before you implement the system. Next, design, configure, then document your “future state”. By reviewing and optimizing processes that add the most value, you can transform your company.

It Is Important for Internal Audit Teams in Dubai to Ensure They Have the Right People Who Possess the Skills and Authority

Successful projects are built by engaging the right people at the right time. A recent research study identified “User Involvement” and “Executive Management Support” as two of the most key factors for a successful implementation project for UAE entities. Strong project management skills are required, as well as executive sponsorship. Internal audit specialists therefore, must also ensure they have the right team members with the necessary business and technical skills.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

While often a cliche, the importance of communication cannot be overstated: the more and internal audit team effectively communicate how and what the project team is  it is to succeed–particularly in the critical area of user acceptance. Project teams that are successful communicate regularly and effectively with their stakeholders. They inform them clearly, consistently, and frequently.

These five essential elements are critical to project success. It is vital to remember that everyone has to take responsibility for the project and hold themselves accountable. The future of the company relies heavily on Internal Audit, which will be greatly improved by the new Audit Management System. Companies in Dubai, UAE can achieve their overall goals and long-term success using their Internal Audit Management System if they have the support of their stakeholders as well as their project team.

Internal Audit Firms in Dubai: Choose the Best Certified Internal Audit in Dubai

Internal audit firms in Dubai have successfully assisted companies in Dubai and other parts of UAE that required professional audit. team of internal auditors have the right experience and knowledge to scale up your internal audit function. 


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