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How Email Warm-Up Boosts Email Deliverability?

How Email Warm-Up Boosts Email Deliverability?

Email is one of the most powerful tools of communication nowadays. It has been found that an average professional checks their email nearly 15 times a day. And this is enough to tell you that you have innumerable chances to reach a wider spectrum of audiences.

But how to ensure the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns? Well, this goes beyond just sending out emails. One of the popular strategies for boosting email deliverability is using the process of email warm-up. But how to do so? This is where this article will help you. Let’s get started with knowing the ins and outs of boosting email deliverability with email warm-up.

Start slowly

When you start diving into the sending game, start by sending a small number of emails every day and gradually increase the numbers. It is called a controlled warm-up process. It enhances the odds of successful email deliverability and also minimizes the risk of spam complaints. For instance – Start sending the welcome email to the new subscribers. Then, send 2-3 emails per week to a small segment of people from your email list. Over time, you can consider increasing the frequency of sending them. It is counted as the natural way to send emails so that you won’t be seen as a spammer.

The important thing to keep in mind here is to provide them with an option to opt out. The objective of the email warm-up is not to trick the email providers into allowing you to send spam. Rather, the real aim behind it is to improve the deliverability of emails.

Authenticate the account

Authentication is the process of using methods to prevent emails from landing in the spam folder. Popular email authentication methods are – Sender Policy Framework, Domain Keys Identified Mail, and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. These methods not only increase the reputation of the domain but also make it trustworthy.

Do you have a dedicated IP Address? If yes, you can have more control over your domain’s sender’s reputation, hence boosting the deliverability process. IP addresses make the process of email deliverability flexible and easy. For example – You can consider setting up a double opt-in confirmation for new email subscribers. When the prospects sign up for your email list, they will get a validating email having the link for further actions.

Build credibility

Why your target audience should put trust in you? You need to make them believe why you are essential and best in your industry in terms of providing a particular service. Build credibility with your recipients. It will help you receive a higher level of attention to your emails. This further means you are more likely to have a good response for your cold emails.

Domain warm-up schedule

You must create an effective domain warm-up schedule on the basis of your past performance. Say, for example, send daily emails continuously for 8-13 weeks. Once you start generating positive results, it shows to your email service provider that you are credible. Being consistent with the warm-up schedule helps a lot. Try sending emails at a fixed time. And don’t send more than 1.5x emails from the previous day. Change the content after every 4-5 days. Sending the same type of content every time may make the customers see you as spam, and they might not like it.

Maintain conversation threads

Creating engagement during the warm-up process plays a vital role in achieving the goal of email deliverability. Start conversing with the audience by sending them emails using different email accounts. Reply to those messages from the new ones. If you are successful in maintaining this conversation thread for 8-12 weeks consistently, your email deliverability is likely to increase.

Adding a new email address to your site is also helpful in achieving a better conversation rate. Gradually, adopting these processes makes your email account eligible to send tons of emails without landing in the spam boxes of your audience.

Right metrics

What is the way to know that you are performing well in your email marketing campaign? The answer is by using the right metrics. Keep track of email open rates, clicks, bounce rates, and non-subscribers. Some marketers use the process of heat mapping to find out where the audience clicks or reads. But you cannot deny that fetching the right metrics depends on your goal.

Avoid spam traps

What are spam traps? These are the email addresses set up by the internet protocols address, which works on the objective of identifying and catching senders who engage in poor email practices or send unsolicited emails. Avoid spam traps when you warm up your emails. Gather email addresses ethically. The way to do so is by asking permission to send emails. Don’t ever sign people up without their permission. Regularly remove invalid email addresses to maintain a clean email list. All these practices minimize the chances of going to spam traps, thus protecting the reputation of the sender.

Final Thoughts

It is time to significantly enhance the success of your email campaign with email warm-up. So, follow the above-mentioned strategies and close more deals to drive more revenue.


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