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Bluebird Solar’s Journey towards Sustainable Power

Bluebird Solar’s Journey towards Sustainable Power

Bluebird Solar’s story began with a simple yet powerful mission: to deliver sophisticated solar power solutions that would not only meet the energy demands but also promote sustainability by harnessing the abundant power of the sun. Guided by their vision, the company aimed to provide affordable solar solutions and empower the nation through eco-friendly and sustainable power solutions.

Nestled within the bustling city, Bluebird Solar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanned an impressive two acres in Greater Noida. This fully automated facility was not just a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation but also a symbol of their dedication to quality. Certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001-2015, and ROHS, the facility operated with precision and efficiency.

Bluebird Solar’s expertise extended to manufacturing a range of solar panels, including Polycrystalline, Mono Crystalline PERC, and Halfcut solar panels. Their 400MW advanced manufacturing facility was a testament to their commitment to providing the best quality solar PV modules. These solar panels graced the rooftops of residential homes, adorned the facades of commercial buildings, and powered the operations of industrial giants.

But Bluebird Solar is not only a solar manufacturer; it is a comprehensive solar solutions provider. Their Turnkey Solar EPC Services offered a complete package—from project development, design, and engineering to project financing and investment, components procurement, BOS optimization, and project construction management. The company ensured a seamless process from the initial stages of project planning to the maintenance of the solar power plant throughout its lifecycle.

Bluebird Solar’s dedication extended beyond the corporate realm. They actively engaged in Government Liaisoning to facilitate the integration of solar power into national energy policies. Their Commercial & Industrial EPC services played a crucial role in bringing solar energy to businesses, furthering the adoption of sustainable practices on a larger scale.

With a strong sense of purpose and a clear vision, Bluebird Solar aimed not just to meet the present energy needs but to pave the way for a sustainable future. Their commitment to providing premium quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable power solutions was embodied in every solar panel they produced.

Bluebird Solar proudly stands, showing India’s dedication to using solar power and taking the lead towards a brighter, eco-friendly future. The network that Bluebird Solar had cultivated was as vast as the solar fields they had created. Project Developers and System Integrators stood as pillars of support throughout India, while a dedicated retail and distribution channel crisscrossed North India. The vision was to expand operations to PAN India by year-end, ensuring that every part of the nation could bask in the benefits of clean energy.

With a commitment to excellence, Bluebird Solar boasted a team of 1500+ satisfied channel partners across India, each contributing to the shared mission of a sustainable future. The ripple effect of their efforts was reflected in the smiles of over 25,000 satisfied customers globally, spread across the map like stars in the night sky.

Collaborating with their network of partners, Bluebird Solar had transcended geographical boundaries, delivering over 60MW of solar PV modules worldwide. The impact of their efforts echoed not just in the numbers but in the stories of communities transformed, businesses empowered, and individuals enlightened by the possibilities of renewable energy.

As the company set its sights on a global horizon, Bluebird Solar remained steadfast in its dedication to providing not just solar solutions but a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for all. With a commitment to innovation, a network that spanned continents, and the trust of thousands, Bluebird Solar continued to light the way towards a world powered by the sun.


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